I Can Has Cheezburger?

Good Boys All Bundled Up And Ready For Sweater Season

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    Vertebrate - alex tumay @alextumay Bad news: I accidentally washed a nice wool shirt that I really loved and it shrunk a LOT Good news:

    Awww, look at this pug all bundled up, looking like a tiny businessman on his lunch break. Such a good boy in his long sleeved shirt, we hope he enjoys wearing it, because he looks pretty heckin' cute like this. When one door closes, another opens, and when one sweater shrinks, a pug gains his own sweater.

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    Dog - Olivia DaRocha @oliviadarocha I would die for this dog and the sweater

    Wow, we truly have no words. Everything about these photos is honestly incredibly iconic. The sweater, the dog, the color, the poses. We hope this good good pupper enjoyed his photoshoot in a sweater, because it's giving us serious fall vibes and we're loving it. 

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    Dog - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Frysauce. He spent the entire summer crocheting this sweater for you. Only rule is that you have to share it with him. 14/10
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    Dog - Sofie Hagen ... @SofieHagen Someone give my dog a book deal
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    Dog - dani + COMMS OPEN!!! @kukkiia pls look at this picture of my dog
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    Dog - Molly Jong-Fast @MollyJongFast Timeline cleanse, Leonidas the rescue puppy
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    Dog - Chuck, Olia & Estée ... @ChukkaBennett "Well yes mam, I'm sure Chukka did very well in the photo behind me, but did he get Best Puppy in Breed at his first show? Naw, he did not!"
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    Dog - Brady Fleming @Arctic Terra My Big Dog walkin' in his new sweater:) #NewProfilePic
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    Dog - veronica @dairyfree vert everyone look at my dog in a sweater and tiny life jacket on a kayak
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    Dog - alex C @AccFinns if u ever wonder where the bones r from the bones dog it's in my dogs sweater ...
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    Dog - Alexandra Alter ... @xanalter It's dog sweater weather

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