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Users Share Their Most Embarrassing Doggo Incidents

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    Font - r/dogs u/khosrove · 1d What's the most embarrasing thing your dog has done? [Fluff] My lab took a shit in the middle of the central railway station (indoors). Precisely in the middle. Just where people stand to look up and see the train schedule tableau and everyone coming in and out rushes by. Luckily it was a pretty solid poop and I was able to clean it up easily. She's also once peed in the bar I frequent the most, but luckily the bartenders were understanding and just gave me paper to

    In the middle of the central railway?? Really, doggo? You couldn't have picked a spot that would draw less attention? No, of course not. It had to be done exactly at that location, if it had happened any other way it just would not have been as embarrassing. 

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    Font - RandomChurn • 1d Proudly walked my newly-arrived 6yo pristinely- housetrained rescue poodle to my very fav neighborhood cafe which allows pristinely- housetrained dogs inside and new doggo went straight behind the counter and peed on a giant sack of coffee beans 5 Reply 1 81 3 ... +

    Who's feeling proud and pristine now? Haha, probably not this dog owner! The embarrassment takes some time to get over, but we're sure that this fancy neighborhood café will understand and welcome you both back with open arms! (And closed sacks of coffee beans.)

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    Font - fdberns • 1d One morning was walking my dog and two good looking women were walking about 30 feet behind us. My boy let's out a loud fart and they are both looking at me like what a pig. I tried to deny it was me but of course they didn't believe me.
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    Font - RegalBeagleBouncer · 1d My old dog once jumped the fence, went through the dog door of the new neighbor's house, helped himself to some meat that was being defrosted, then jumped into bed with the neighbor and tried to cuddle them. In his defense, my sister previously lived in the house and we used to leave the gate open so he could go between the houses. We thought simply closing the gate would keep him contained.
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    Font - ephemeralkitten · 1d I was walking my dog and passed another walker on the way. My dog looked interested in the other walker and I said "she's friendly". The lady bent over and put her hand out (the proper way to greet a dog imo) and my freaking dog growled! A tiny one, but still. I was like "way to make me look like a liar, bitch." Reply 1 9 .
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    Rectangle - dwrk92 · 1d I have 2 pugs and a jackiwawa. My god the noise they make when we walk past anyone, wether they have a dog or not. Particularly the pugs, who don't seem to know how to bark properly, so do a weird howling scream thing
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    Rectangle - SucroseEater • 1d Pissing in the pet store every time he has his routine vet appointments. Not sure if it's nervousness or because there's lots of other dogs been there. G Reply 4 5 · +
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    Font - aelnovasarg · 1d Huskies IG-> @gearfur My boy has peed on me, so that was fun. Recently, he plowed through a crafting circle of me and my friends (we were sitting on the floor making holiday wreaths), jumping over one woman, sending stuff flying everywhere. When we first tried kenneling him at home, we came back from the movies to him having peed and pooped in the cage, wallowed in it so that he was covered, and because l'm dumb, I let him out instead of trying to move the whole cage outs
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    Font - BlueberryNo7845 · 1d I walked up to the corner store one Sunday morning to buy a newspaper. Unfortunately the paper machine out front was no longer in use and the papers were kept inside. So I tethered Nike's leash to the paper machine while I went inside. I barely got in the door and Nike tried to follow me...dragging the paper machine with him, he turned and saw the machine following him and freaked the fuck out and took off running in circles around the parking lot the whole time watch
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    Rectangle - WhompTrucker · 1d My old dog peed on a woman at the beach. He was off leash playing in the water and running up beach. Looked over and he was lifting his leg on a woman sitting far away
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    Rectangle - MoreNapsPls · 1d Whenever I have guests over, my dog gets anxious and expresses it by dragging his blanket to the center of the room and humping it vigorously G Reply 1 48 + ...
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    Font - DivineDaedra • 1d My dog can't be trusted to behave well in public (very anxious German Shepherd) but one time she stole an entire sandwich out of my mom's hands as my mom was taking a bite. 6 Reply 1 48 3
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    Font - FromMyFingers · 1d Black Lab\Blue Heeler Jesus... it's hard to nail down just one. She has been a constant source of surprisingly embarrassing situations over the past nine years. One thing that is a constant though, is that she loves women's boobs for some reason. It's not every woman, but it is a lot of them, and it is super embarrassing when she starts motorboating complete strangers or vet techs that lean down to her level. It's right past the hand and a straight head dive into her po
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    Font - metabic • 1d Made such a scene at a brewery on my first date trying to befriend a dog across the picnic area that looked like one of my friend's dogs that ended up putting him back in his crate in my truck for the remainder of the date- he was within thirty feet of me where I had parked and mournfully stared at me silently for the rest of the evening
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    Organism - billclitton • 1d I was on the large dog side of the dog park with my GSP and my boyfriend was on the small dog side of the park with our smaller dogs. My GSP noticed my boyfriend in the middle of playing fetch, dropped his ball and ran full speed into the dividing chain link fence trying to get to him. He also got so nervous at the vet he pooped all over the vet assistant while she was putting him on a scale.
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    Font - assplower · 1d The first time I took my dog on an escalator after I adopted her, she had to be carried up like a gigantic baby and took a fear poo at the top of the escalator- right where everyone steps off. To make matters worse my boyfriend had removed the poo bag dispenser from her leash that day and had forgot to put it back on so I had no poo bags, which I only noticed after she took a huge fear dump. SO FREAKIN EMBARRASSING.
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    Font - bobear2017 · 1d We were having a few friends over and my large breed dog (about 1 at the time) let out the most horrific fart you could ever imagine. The entire party literally had to move outside for like 15 minutes because the smell was so awful
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    Rectangle - robincat • 1d My puppy had diarrhea in the middle of Canadian Tire and also wrapped me up in her long line so I couldn't move in front of many, many people. G Reply 1 6 · ... +

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