Mark Rober Builds Elaborate Ninja Warrior Squirrel Obstacle Course (Video)

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Okay, you might be thinking -- 21 minutes?! I'm not sitting through that! 

But we promise every minute of this fantastic and elaborate video is worth watching. If you don't know who Mark Rober is, and you enjoy watching a mix of scientific-education and downright awesomeness to the max -- you got to check out more of his videos! 

In his newest video, Rober has decided to create the ultimate ninja warrior-like obstacle course for the squirrels in his backyard. Don't worry, the obstacle course is squirrel-friendly and Rober does a wonderful job of explaining it all! 

The end goal for the squirrels? Delicious nuts, of course! You'll laugh and be in amazement and full wonderment for 21 minutes, so why not take a break from this world for a moment and dive into some crazy (and really cute) squirrel action? It's more nuts than we could've imagined.

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