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Weekly Treat: Funniest And Overall Best Animal Tweets

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    Font - hELLEraiser ... @elle em Cat: HUMAN TERRIBLE THING HAPPEN TO CAT Me: what Cat: WAS SLEEPING IN SUN PUDDLE BUT SUN PUDDLE IN DIFFERENT PLACE NOW Me: yeah Earth's rotation means the sun is constantly changing positions in the sky Cat: Cat: Cat: MAKE THAT NOT HAPPENING Me: I can't Cat: UR USELESS HUMAN 12:32 AM - Oct 24, 2021 - Twitter for Android

    Terrible thing has happened to cat and human is totally indifferent. Huma needs to go back to the drawing board and understand how to react when terrible thing happens to cat. Cat is not talking to human currently.

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    Dog - spooky soph o @afcsoph ... Missing dog. If anyone ceasar, lettuce know

    We like to start our weeks with some punnies to get the blood pumping and the gears turning. Today is no exception. 

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    Font - UberFacts @UberFacts Dogs are vulnerable when pooping, so they often look to their owners for visual cues ... likely why they stare at you while doing so 9:31 PM - Oct 23, 2021 · Buffer 266 Retweets 39 Quote Tweets 3,020 Likes

    Wait a sec- this is true and we totally did not realize it until now. Everything makes so much sense now. Doggos need visual cues, we'll give them visual cues. Xoxo our doggos can make eye contact with us ALL the time. 

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    Outerwear - Lara ... @laraconnerton Canny believe a had to phone the fire brigade yesterday to free ma mum's heed from the glass shower door n the cat just took the piss whole time 3:19 PM - Oct 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 4,196 Retweets 353 Quote Tweets 62.1K Likes
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    Font - Ashley Nicole Black ( @ashleyn1cole Been leaving for work before the dog wakes up in the morning, so this morning she got up and went back to sleep in front of the door so I can't escape without her. 3:05 PM - Oct 19, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Flower - Matthew Burnside ... @MatthewBurnsid7 just some field mice that crawled into tulips because they like pollen
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    Cat - Justsica @jessicaanajem My cats are couple goals
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    Font - FRANCHISE @BabySmoove I want a girlfriend, but l'll take a dog they way more loyal. 9:59 PM - Oct 23, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 525 Retweets 64 Quote Tweets 2,023 Likes
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    Bird - I Fucking Love Nature @physiczone123 Baby owl's are so cute
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    Sleeve - lined cats @lined_cats free him
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    Gesture - Iris' lil ghosty ghost : @Jest_Iris cheshire cat: we're all mad here me: at me??? 5:15 PM - Oct 21, 2021 - Twitter Web App 13.1K Retweets 137 Quote Tweets 74K Likes
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    Organism - candle ends ... @marmapus welp ive fulfilled my destiny u guys, i made 3 life sized cat men out of discarded cat hair! 3:21 AM - Oct 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 21.2K Retweets 15.2K Quote Tweets 144.3K Likes
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    Font - nyatasha nyanners : VSHOJO @NyanNyanners when my cats sleep in my bed with me i always have good dreams 2:29 AM - Oct 24, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Hand - In Otter News... @ln_Otter_News2 NEWS It's dangerous out there. You otter take this with you.
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    Photograph - Dracmas Fangders @ThomasSanders Why is my dog just laying like this. alamy nap wo
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    Brown - mocha @mochamura I'm housesitting for my sister and her newly-groomed cat is just so

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