I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#158)

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    Wood - Please don't worry... I'm not stuck. This is my favorite daytime spot to hang out. Sincerely. Jimmy the Beaded Lizaro

    Honestly, we can see ourselves being one of those people who see this cutie and definitely think that it needs help. So, we are actually quite grateful for this most wholesome sign, and we are happy to see that this little guy is enjoying his life to the fullest. 

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    "It doesn’t get any cuter than this"


    As if we needed any more proof from the world that doggos deserve love. As if we needed any more proof that doggos are adorable. As if we needed any more reasons to want to pet two dogs at once. We do have two hands after all. This is… unnecessarily cute at this point. Also, please, we beg, let us pet this heart. 

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    "Mom says we’re twins"

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    "My buddy found this kitten in a box. Any idea what breed it is?"

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    "Cute Ghost"

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    "We just found kittens in the bushes near our house."

    Plant community
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    "this is Jimmy - he travels with me and has seen 30 states and 20 National Parks"

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    "I am simply requesting a boop. My name is Dallas."

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    "The last thing you ate is what you have to name him!"

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    "This moron strolled into Petco and peed on the floor almost immediately. Please roast my puppy."

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    "Hey guys, any ideas for naming this little marshmallow?"

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    "Heres my giant pet banana, Cornflake"

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    "I had the honor of photographing this shelter pup yesterday."

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    "My vet sent me this picture of him and my cat, Gus before his surgery"

    Cat - EXIT HEADED inter SURGERY! #warmheoris for cold noses
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    "I have a friend that won't come over because I let my "ugly lizard" out."

    Computer - ctri
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    "Grandpa forgot to play fetch before leaving. She gathered all of her mice and has been sitting here waiting for him to come back"

    Cat - Smartykat

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