I Can Has Cheezburger?

Skedaddle Away Into Yet Another Caturday: Fresh Cat Memes

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    Cat - i must go. my planet needs me.

    The way we snorted- oh my god. We understand this reaction from cats though, as much as it makes us laugh. If someone randomly touched us in the middle of the street while we were just doing our business., we would also hop away into a different dimension if we could. 

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    Cat - We call this the "Outrage Box" because she gets in it when she is mad at us spScU39a94d 40

    Can we have an outrage box for humans too, please? It would come in quite useful. Being able to express our annoyance whenever we needed to by just sitting in a box sounds lovely. Boss annoying you? Box time. Computer not working? Box time. Cat driving you insane? Go into the box together. Purrfect.

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    Cat - this is what neighborhood cats look like in Texas
  • 4
    Photograph - How my girlfriend thinks she looks when she's mad VS how she actually looks.
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  • 5
    Cat - Describe your relationship with potatoes Ме:
  • 6
    Photograph - My cat got covered in flour and now he looks like a demon...
  • 7
    Cat - My dog was terrified of the fireworks so my cat went and cuddled up with her my heart is crying still
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  • 8
    Photograph - Cats who worked out and got ripped during quarantine: Aber mbie & A FARRC DOPAMEME APP Abercrombie
  • 9
    Food - WHY IS IT EMPTY
  • 10
    Vertebrate - "where do you see yourself in 10 years?"
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  • 11
    Cat - Me trying to actually get motivated INTROVERTSminDseT Let's do this! Actually naa INTROVERTSminDseT Naaaa Wait.
  • 12
    Sleeve - [First day as vet] Me: What seems to be the problem Cat: Meow Me: Yes but where
  • 13
    Cat - Is it weird to name cats you meet on the street cause l'd like to introduce you to white truffle french fry
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  • 14
    Sky - He is Hovercat...
  • 15
    Cat - Me wondering how big of an asshole l'm going to be today @BetaSalmon BARNER FRUCT ARNIGR FRUCTIS
  • 16
    Water - Someone should tell Poseidon that his cat gọt out again.
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  • 17
    Product - Current Mood: Barely hanging on but managing to pull it off
  • 18
    Petal - This escalated pretty quickly
  • 19
    Photograph - When you see your crush in public and try to act like a normal human being
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  • 20
    Brown - When you enter a room but forget what you wanted to do

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