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Storytime: Man 'Steals' His Roommate's Cat For Nightly Cuddles

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    Font - FESS Fesshole HOLE @fesshole My housemate has a cat and is always complaining about her, despite the fact that she's very affectionate and adorable. He gets annoyed that she goes out at night and doesn't come back until morning, which isn't true; she's in bed with me, getting all the cuddles she deserves.

    Wow! We wonder whether the owner says harsh things about his cats behavior because she's really cranky, or because he doesn't understand her as well as his roommate does. Either way, it's such a plot twist that the cat prefers to sleep in the roommates bed, we wonder how long they can keep this a secret before the owner realizes his cat isn't actually creeping outside every night!

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    Rectangle - Deirdre 崇水。 ... @deedra29 Replying to @fesshole I got a neighbour's cat that way. She lives with me and I put in a cat flap 4 her. I should go round and explain but I keep putting it off

    Whaat, this is a thing? How long are you going to keep taking care of the cat for until you explain to your neighbor where their cat has been? Hmm, seems like some cats are having secret "affairs" that their owners don't know about. Imagine your cat leaving you for another hooman, how sad would that be?

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    Rectangle - SminkyPinky @sminkypinky76 Replying to @fesshole Do you have to set the alarm for before your housemate wakes up so that she can do the walk of shame without getting caught cheating?
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    Font - Grace Hawthorn @grace_hawthorn Replying to @fesshole cats choose their humans. she doesn't want him, bec she knows he complains about her. cats need to be adored and indulged. she's your cat.
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    Smile - kirsty maskill @kirstyradders Replying to @deedra29 and @fesshole That's how I got my cat but I did go round in the end and they gave me ownership
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    Gesture - Gary O'Keefe @garyokeefeuk Replying to @fesshole Gotta love how cat thieves always paint themselves as the heroes.
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    Rectangle - James O'Flynn ... @jamesoflynn Replying to @fesshole I would very much like our cat to f come back at a reasonable time in the morning rather than waking me up at 4.30am to lead me downstairs and show me a full bowl of food. off at night and
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    Cat - Erica VaxScan @ricroja Replying to @fesshole I kinda want to steal my housemate's cat away to my room too. Wouldn't you?
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    Human body - Lady Nikki Tees of Lochaber @1950sLibrarian Replying to @fesshole I've had a few glasses of wine..l'm 3 weeks into a new job...my brain can't follow this. What? Who is the cat? Who is getting cuddles? Can I claim my £5??
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    Font - Enndemic @enndemic Replying to @fesshole Can picture the scene when he walks in on them in bed together one evening
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    Font - Beau Soleil @beau_soleil7 Replying to @fesshole If you move out..You're taking the cat with you, you know that?
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    Rectangle - John D Greenbaum ... @DavidGr64139349 Replying to @fesshole Coveting your housemate's pi y is against one of the Ten Commandments

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