I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cats Training Their Hoomans: Hissterical Twitter Thread

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    Font - Ana Mardoll ... @AnaMardol| Given the premise that: 1. Adult cats don't meow in the wild. 2. Meows are kittenish language that domesticated cats retain in order to communicate with humans. 3. Every cat that meows at you is therefore speaking baby talk. We can conclude that meows mean: "Hewwo."

    Awww, if this is true then it explains the hooman urge to make cats sound like babies when we assign them dialogue. You know, like 'I can has Cheezburger?' Ahahaha, we sure do crack ourselves up sometimes. But seriously, if cats are talking to us humans as if we're babies, then we sure don't feel bad about talking to them as if they're babies too. Babies talking to babies, just another day in the life of a cat owner. 

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    Font - MB @MoonBaboonWas Replying to @AnaMardoll My best girl learned that if she meowed very loudly from another room that I would literally run to her to make sure she was ok. If I didn't come fast enough, she would workshop the meows until it worked, sounding more and more injured

    So from here on out we will officially to refer to all of our pets as either "my best girl" or "my best boy". There is no cuter nickname for your pets that we have ever heard and we will only be referring to them as this from now on. If this name doesn't work for your pet, then purrrhaps we can suggest something more sassy, such as chonker or catarooney. Up to you of course, but don't be afraid to get a little bit creative with your nickname. 

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    Font - the afer Tom Newton @thomasnewton Replying to @MoonBaboonWas and @AnaMardoll Ours has a trick where she meows at me from downstairs, then when I go to check, waits until l'm near, then brrrrt, and shoots past me up the stairs. Definitely pranking me.
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    Font - Lizard @LizardSF Replying to @MoonBaboonWas and @AnaMardoll One of our oranges does something like that. He wanders the house singing the Wail of the Abandoned Cat. As soon as someone shouts "We're in here, Rocket!" he will bound in excitedly. He knows the house, the schedule, where we are. He just tests we'll respond if he cries.
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    Font - Sharyn Blum @sleepyknave Replying to @DonjaCarroll @LizardSF and 2 others My void of blessed memory used to get odd the bed or chair he was sharing with me, leave the room, and start wandering around. Within about 2 minutes, he'd begin the Wail of the Loneliest Cat. 20% of the time, he'd come back if I called him, but the other 80% involved a search.
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    Font - William ... @wrhollingsworth Replying to @theMadJayWoman @AnaMardoll and @arthur_affect One of my cats only makes this "brip brip" noise when she wants to get out of bed to feed her, no other time. One can assume it means "get out of bed and feed me" 11:44 PM · Nov 19, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Rectangle - notappearinginthisfi @notappearingint Replying to @MoonBaboonWas and @AnaMardoll My girl workshopped those meows just like that, until she came up with the notes of my sick child calling "mo -om"..
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    Rectangle - Chris Seggerman @ChrisLSeggerman Replying to @AnaMardoll Now wondering about our small cat who yells at us constantly for no given reason except not watching her eat.
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    Rectangle - Hellcat ... @Catherineamcc Replying to @ChrisLSeggerman and @AnaMardoll How can she eat if you don't watch for predators? Some cats want you to stand by while they poop for the same reason.
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    Rectangle - bidonica (tired) @bidonica1 Replying to @Catherineamcc @ChrisLSeggerman and @AnaMardoll Omg you just explained to me why my old cat wanted me to watch her eat after she became a senior citizen (catizen?). She probably thought she wouldn't be able to look out for herself like she used to.
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    Rectangle - Purple Chida @Chida_Gamer Replying to @AnaMardoll Pretty sure cats also bring their humans "gifts" of dead things because they think we don't know how to feed ourselves. Ergo, cats think humans are babies.
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    Cat - Claire Grace ... @Truthbomb_Queen Replying to @AnaMardoll It also seems to mean: "I managed to sneak into the refrigerator before the door closed. Halp." My first cat.
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    Rectangle - Jessica *something clever here* Aldrich @theMadJayWoman ... Replying to @AnaMardoll and @arthur_affect Solid argument. In all seriousness, my feral cat who has lived with me for more than ten years started "talking" to me during quarantine and it's fun to see her try and navigate this new foreign language
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    Font - Sandy Barton ... @sandbar17 Replying to @theMadJayWoman @AnaMardoll and @arthur_affect Oh, is this why my cat only recently started meowing? My som rescued her from dumpster life and she's been with us since 2013, but only started meowing in the last year. I thought she was losing her mind. Usually it's almost a whisper.
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    Font - John Gray ... @LegendandLore Replying to @SaraAnnedipity and @AnaMardoll Our oldest cat has a special meow for when he brings dead animals in. So now I know that he is telling us, in cutesy baby language, that he's just murdered a mouse.

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Ellie is a writer and proud cat owner. When she isn't creating content for I Can Has Cheezburger, you can find her travelling the world, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with her beloved pet cat.

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About the Author

Ellie is a writer and proud cat owner. When she isn't creating content for I Can Has Cheezburger, you can find her travelling the world, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with her beloved pet cat.