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Family Requests Thanksgiving Host Board His Dog In Kennel, Host Refuses And Even Offers To Pay For Hotel

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    Font - AITA for not boarding my dog for Thanksgiving? Not the A-hole |(27M) have a 2 year old doberman pincher that is super sweet and just loves to snuggle with anyone that he meets. I adopted him as a puppy and some of my family was not thrilled that he was a doberman. The first time my parents, sister and brother met him was at a barbecue. My sister and brother made comments about how he was going to grow up aggressive and not be good around kids. He is not aggressive at all and is a huge bab

    OP, don't think for even a second that you are the a-hole. The entitlement of people astounds us. If they don't want to interact with your dog, they can pay for a hotel, simple as that. And the fact that OP offers to pay for a hotel (which by the way we found totally unnecessary but a kind gesture nonetheless) but his family members REFUSE, don't even get us started here. 

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    Font - Brain_Dead_mom · 3d Partassipant [4] 3 1 Award NTA - Your home your decision. I can't see how they get to demand anything when it is your house. DO NOT offer to pay for a hotel. I'm not even sure at this point l'd offer to let them stay at my house even with my dog. The entitlement of people amazes me. There are ONLY way 3 reasons l'd say to board your dog: if someone has an allergy (which would be hard even because he lives there all the other time), a huge fear of dogs, OR your dog wasn

    Your home, your dog, your decision. Everyone who thinks otherwise can kindly escort themselves far far away. We also appreciate this user's comment that OP should not give into his family's ridiculous request because then that will be expected of him every time the family gathers. 

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    Font - Braindeadlagerhead · 3d NTA You could have 30 dogs and they'd still have no say. I'd cancel thanksgiving with the humans and have it with my dog instead. It's best to be around those who love you. G Reply 1 89 3 + OfftotheLeft · 2d My family was giving me grief about our dogs (two well behaved Goldendoodles) and I decided to not go. So, my husband, kids, and I are enjoying the holiday with our dogs, without traveling... I'm not sure exactly why I thought any other plan was better. ETA: Th
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    Font - Megmca · 3d Par ipant [1] NTA He not just a dog. He is family. Edit to add: This is one of the reasons we rarely had big family gatherings at our house. We always had between two and three big dogs and while they were always well trained and well behaved it would be much too hard to do a big winter feast with them underfoot. But it was understood that if family was coming to our house our dogs would be there because they were part of the family. 6 Reply 1 564
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    Font - WubsDuh420 · 3d NTA. It's your home. Puppers home. Not your Aunties home. Edit: call the whole thing off and leave them scrambling for rooms. G Reply 293
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    Font - 9okm · 3d Supreme Court Just-ass [128] NTA. They sound fun. 6 Reply 1 109 Imbalancedone · 3d Asshole Enthusiast [6] Ditto. NTA Also, bring you and the dog to our house. My "vicious" Rottweiller lapdog needs a "vicious" friend lol. 1 53 3 ...
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    Font - Momster404 · 3d Partassipant [1] NTA. I can't stand my MIL's dog. I don't live in her house, the dog does. I suck it up and deal with it. That's your dog's home. They can suck it up and deal with it. Or not. Reply 1 1.1k 3 + Imaginary_Being1949 · 3d Asshole Enthusiast [6] Exactly this, I can't imagine a scenario where I was planning on staying at a persons house and then expecting them to board their dog. If I didn't like their dog, l'd stay somewhere else or just suck it up and deal with
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    Font - EmmaPemmaPooBear • 2d Absolutely! I was initially thinking OP was going elsewhere and wanting to take the dog along. I was thinking "oh I wouldn't be too keen on being licked by a dog all the time" Then I read on. Going to OPs house. Nope. OP your house your dog. They don't like it they can pay for a hotel or an Airbnb NTA
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    Font - Peitho_Domme · 2d The only reasons to board your dog are: • overnight trips medical issues preventing you from being home and/or able to care for the dog The things you list are the guest's problem and they don't have to share the dog's home.
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    Font - sercamf · 2d Truthfully, I wouldn't even kick my dog out for those occasions. If someone doesn't like my dog, they don't have to stay at my place. Simples. I honestly don't understand the entitlement some people must feel. I treat others the same way I expect to be treated. If I ever want to stay at a friends or relatives place, I know I am a guest and would never ask them to change anything about their homes or lifestyles. If I don't like something, I don't have to go there.
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    Font - Selena_B305 · 3d You are an adult and you have every right to say No. It's you home, your dog, so your rules. We need to normalize not imposing our wants and needs on others. Just because you are family doesn't mean you are obligated to appease family. If you want to visit family and they are gracious enough to invite you to stay in their home, You Do Not get to make DEMANDS. 78 ...
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    Font - Tannim44 · 3d NTA, you didn't ruin anything. Your offer to pay for a hotel was more than generous. 2.5k xasdfxx • 2d I dunno, this story kind of smells dodgy. My doggy daycare opened holiday boarding bookings in April and sold out that week. The owners mentioned they've been deluged by pissed customers who can't get boarding. My friends with pets were in a similar place in early October, with everyone asking friends from the dog parks if they'll board at home. One friend found availabilit

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