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Twitter Thread: Spoiled Pets throwing Temper Tantrums

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    Font - Olayemi Olurin @msolurin My neighbor passed me in the hallway and asked me if everything's good. I said yea why. She said she heard me screaming at a man this morning for disrespecting me. So I had to explain to her than the large disrespectful man in question is actually a cat named Raheem 12:42 AM - Nov 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 9.492 Retweets 641 Quote Tweets 129K Likes

    Reading this tweet had us blushing in embarrassment. Because we know we do this with our pets as well, and now… well, now we're thinking about how the walls are thin, and we definitely heard our neighbors arguing a few days ago, and that means that they definitely heard us yelling at our dogs to stop eating our panties, and that's.. yikes.

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    Organism - Olayemi Olurin @msolurin ... To understand what it's like living under Raheem's regime Olayemi Olurin @msolurin · Apr 26 The audacity on this cat! Raheem been bad all damn day and he thinks he can demand wet food 1:13 198.4K views 1:05 AM - Nov 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 626 Retweets 24 Quote Tweets 11.4K Likes

    Oh, we understand. We are mere servants to our spoiled little furbabies. We may be able to hold them off from getting what they want for about five minutes, but if the bowl is not filled to their heart's content, they will go back to screaming, and we will cave if for no other reason, then so we can get some peace and quiet lol.

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    Font - AngryAries @RagefulAries Replying to @msolurin My neighbor thought I was always yelling at my kid. He confronted me at my mailbox about it. Had to explain it was my cat called Kevin that I yell at so much cause he is always knocking over stuff( on purpose) and stealing my hair ties. 2:39 AM - Nov 29, 2021 - Twitter for Android 153 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 6,649 Likes
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    Font - goth clowns only @lizardkingfe Replying to @RagefulAries and @msolurin my mom would get babyfood for her sick cat and the landlord turned up at the door like "I found babyfood jars in the recycling I know you got a baby in there the lease says no babies!!" lease said no cats too so she had to pretend it's her going through all that chicken purée 3:44 AM - Nov 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 75 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 4,025 Likes
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    Font - IG @keesheeda @ ImAVirgo ... Replying to @msolurin My neighbor finally caught up with me walking her dogs & asked what has been the ruckus lately that's she hears it's me trying to yell who's boss to my 2 rabbits Lee & Westin & there 12 litter offspring for chewing on my baseboards when they want kale 3:45 AM - Nov 29, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Product - JamTD ... @JTD05344135 Replying to @msolurin My kitten Malone who cried all the way through my zoom meeting until I let him try to curl up on my lap even though he's now officially TOO BIG TO FIT THERE ANYMORE. So bold and fresh.
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    Font - Pink Bunny .... @pinkbunnyr Replying to @msolurin I once walked in on my mom yelling at the cat: "you're very spoiled. You need to sit your furry ass down and think about your role in the family" and it's one of my favorite memories EVER 3:44 AM - Nov 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 314 Retweets 21 Quote Tweets 7,219 Likes
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    Font - Pink Bunny ... @pinkbunnyr Replying to @iwantthatcoat @Passeriform and @msolurin My mom was so embarrassed. She thought no one was listening. The cat just said: "Miaow?" Also: this whole exchange happened because the cat didn't want to use the cat door, but wanted my mom to open the people door to let him go outside. But can I tell you the best part?
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    Yellow - Pink Bunny @pinkbunnyr Replying to @lil_yoga_pants @iwantthatcoat and 2 others My Mom: “I thought I was alone" and I was all, "I live here." Then she confessed, "sometimes I say the same thing to your father." And I was like, “you tell Daddy to sit his furry ass down and think about his role in the family?" [my father wasn't particularly hairy] e
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    Vertebrate - Jackie Mystical Moon Baby Keller @nachomamarn Replying to @msolurin My rabbit thumps and throws temper tantrums if I don't pay attention to him so I feel you. Is that a dog bed I bought him? Yes. Yes it is.
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    Cat - MizBlueBallsofSteel ... @MizBlueBalls Replying to @msolurin Steve, the picture of innocence. He finally decides to go to sleep as soon as I need to be up. Crawling under the covers and nibbling my feet. Tossing his toys at my head. Meowing in my face...and then you see this and can't be mad.
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    Dog breed - Jackie Mystical Moon Baby Keller @nachomamarn Replying to @nachomamarn and @msolurin This his spot. Always on the right side. If there is something there he throws it on the ground with his teeth. If there is a PERSON there he thumps and runs in circles and stares down the person until they move.
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    Cat - Tiffany Montemayor Hinchman @tiffmontemayor ... Replying to @msolurin We moved across the country and all of our stuff hadn't arrived yet, including my cat's bowl. She refused to eat out paper bowls so we got her a quick bowl from petco to hold her over but that wasn't good enough either. It was her bone China bowl from Tiffany & Co. or nothing. cat.
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    Cat - BrianneB @Squirrel Gal I've said if the authorities come knockong it's because Alexa called them after hearing me yelling at this guy, Ted. He lays in the tub EVERYtime I go to take a Replying to @msolurin shower. MEN WEHSLS
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    Dog - jess @jesspanish_ ... Replying to @msolurin my neighbors probably hear me yelling, "what the hell is wrong with you whiskey!!!" hope they don't think i have a drinking problem
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    Cat - Dr. Sue @SueProfessor Replying to @Clarknt67 and @msolurin I explain to Sophie repeatedly that she's a furry little pain in the behind. She flicks my touchscreen with her tail, sits on the keyboard (which wouldn't be so bad if she could spell), and demands to be petted when l'm trying to work good thing she's cute. PSYC 391 Research Methods i C N Ge Co

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