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Learn More About Silly Sea Creatures

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    Let's start with a crazy fun fact about sea urchins!

    Vertebrate - Val @valfrogval sea urchins protect themselves by putting rocks and shells on their "heads" so apparently if u give them tiny hats they will put them on and wear them

    Woah, we had no idea! This has gotta be one of the cutest fun facts we've ever learned about aquatic life. These sea urchins wearing tiny hats are going to give our puppers and cats a run for their money, that's for sure. Look out doggos, there's a new animal in town who's here to challenge your 'cutest ever' title!

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    And a silly reaction image!

    Hair - Share & Enjoy ... @Go_SYH_In_A_Pig Replying to @valfrogval Same energy

    Ok, ok, this is as funny as we're going to get, this list is going to be a fun and informative look into aquatic life, we're not going to roast every species just because they do things a differently than we're used to, or look a little bit silly. Believe us, there are a lot of silly looking aquatic animals, let's read more to find out!

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    Water - Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC) @whales org ... The largest animal on the planet, the call of a blue #whale can reach 188 decibels and be heard from hundreds of miles away. For comparison, a plane taking off is around 140 decibels! #FunFact
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    Plant - Jim Tang @wxmann · Nov 22 TW: trypophobia ... A cluster of sea anemones attached to a rock, exposed by low tide. Pretty awesome.
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    Water - Tideline Aquatics ... @tidelineCHS Sea anemones share a symbiotic relationship with clownfish. Clownfish eat algae from the surface of an anemone, and anemones eat food left by the clownfish. It's important to find the right species of each for your aquarium, so call if you have any questions: (843) 744-8551.
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    Azure - Gabriella Commisso ... @gabbysfishes Today's fish is the Bluestriped Grunt (Haemulon sciurus)! These fish have a funny territorial display that involves "kissing": pushing the contender away with their lips!O OJim Lyle, Stephen Frink, Ross Gudgeon ORoss Gudgeono
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    Organism - Max Castorani ... @MaxCastorani Students are often surprised to learn that sea anemones, which may look more like flowers than animals, are serious predators. The ebbing tide revealed this anemone that had just captured an unlucky fish. @PointReyesNPS @daly66
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    Organism - she her Avery @Invertebae ... SWhose that lump rising out of the kelp? S It's a California sea hare! Fun fact: Aplysia californica expels ink much like their distant cousins, the octopuses. These sea hares produce 2 different types of ink, a purple & a milky ink to protect it from its lobster predators!
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    Rectangle - The Irish For @theirishfor Replying to @theirishfor Other interesting names in Irish for the sea anemone include 'hata an tsagairt' (the priest's hat)& 'cac ar leicín' (shite on a flat stone).
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    Water - Gabriella Commisso ... @gabbysfishes Today's fish is the Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus)! Yes, those pictures are of fish, not pieces of seaweed. They float facing down, and suck tiny crustaceans through their mouths. Erik Schlögl, Klaus Stiefel, Steve Childs
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    Organism - Gabriella Commisso ... @gabbysfishes Today's fish is the Blue Spotted Jawfish (Opistognathus rosenblatti)!! These cuties are paternal mouthbrooders, meaning dads incubate eggs in their mouth for 5-7 days. OMonterey Bay Aquarium, Joel Sartore
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    Water - Whale Tales S @WhaleTalesOrg ... It's Fun Fact Friday! Did you know that the Melon Headed Whale, is actually a dolphin? They are typically found in groups of 100 - 1000 far from shore in tropical and subtropical oceans! Photo by Gary #whaletales #melonheaded


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