I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (December 27, 2021)

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    Photograph - my gf working late on a tough project me coming over to give her a kiss

    Is it just us or is this the most wholesome feeling ever? It doesn't have to be a significant other checking on you either, it could also be say a relative coming in to hand you cut up fruit or to give you a hug. Or of course one of our pets checking on us to see when we'll be done working and able to play fetch with them or feed them. Whatever kind of love you experience, make sure the people or pets who care about you know that they're appreciated! 

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    Dog breed - All the love I have to offer You

    Awwdorable physical affection like this is something that most awwdorable floofy dogs are not at all hesitant to dish out. Such an awwdorable puppy nestled inside the bigger dog's floofy belly. We hope that every single day that this awwdorable duo have together is filled with as much love as this photograph definitely is!

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    Head - henlo frend, u are special and i appreciate u
  • 4
    Cat - it's dangerous to go alone, take this
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  • 5
    Cloud - this hedgehog is cheering 4 u bc u can do anything
  • 6
    Dog - Me: I really need to start eating healthier. Friend: Wanna go out to eat? Me:
  • 7
    Cat - It snowed today and Chicken was not impressed.
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  • 8
    Dog - this could be our christmas photo but you playin' ***
  • 9
    Font - The maintenance people are trying to fix my heater. They have unsolicited assistance.
  • 10
    Cat - me need a hug juice
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  • 11
    Beard - When your dogs see another dog walk by your property
  • 12
    Dog - My love and support You
  • 13
    Cat - This is Tucker. Also, this is Tucker's permanent facial expression I call it the "he's retired but still gets called in to do shifts" look

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