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Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (September 20, 2021)

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    Hair - OnlyUpliftingComment my wife explaining how terrible her day was and how she needs a break me patiently listening ready to let her know I planned a spa day for her tomorrow <3

    There is something to be appreciated about someone who is happy to listen to you vent even when they know they can change your mood right away. Venting is important too. There is value in letting negative emotions out like that. And for that to be topped with a whole heckin' spa day? Yes, please, get us husbands like that. 

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    Plant - Smart kid asking me if would like some help with Math because I was struggling with it Thank you Me I will never forget this I would fight for you

    We would like to say that this is just a little act of kindness, something that we could all do for someone, but this is more than that. This is not just kindness, this is compassion, this is someone willing to invest time and effort into you, and that's a lot, and something that we definitely appreciate every single time. 

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    Cat - My Gf still being there for me Me who just opened up about my traumas
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    Bird - My height increases by 0.0003cm. My grandma: Wouldn't that make you a big boy?
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    Bird - When you've been hitting the gym for only a few weeks and someone asks if you've been working out...
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    Hand - Independent singers on YouTube whose songs I enjoy listening to Me when they reply to my comments.
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    Dog - When your best friend is telling a story you've already heard, but you're genuinely interested in everything they say.
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    Dog - Supportive and caring friends Love Surprised Me
  • 9
    Elephant - My Dad taking 10 y/o me to get the new game I wanted after school
  • 10
    Dog - Mum asking me to open the jar of pickles that is too stiff for her Me opening it and realising it wasn't that stiff she just wanted me to feel big and strong and good about myself :) efujisan99
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    Cat - When your aunties say "who is that handsome young man?" And lay one on ya made with mematic
  • 12
    Dog - me carrying and protecting my son through his first school experience
  • 13
    Photograph - my mom finding time to spend with each indvidual kid while raising all of us
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    Cat - Me: pass a difficult exam with a good grade My dad: u/AskTrashMeme

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