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Dog People Show off How Comically Inefficient Their Best Friends’ Would Actually Be as Guard Dogs


It's hard to imagine ever trying to convince somebody why you should get a dog, it seems insane that anybody would ever not want a dog. But if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to engage your persuasion skills in order to get this fluffy fella in your home, they are definitely a few tactics one can use.


Seriously, it doesn't even matter the size of the dog, the best argument is to say that you need protection. Seriously, even if you're planning to get a Chihuahua, you must stress that this is the only way you will feel safe in your own home. We believe this tactic to be incredibly strategic and will lead to an obvious mutual understanding between any parties involved.


On Tiktok, people are sharing just how ‘efficient’ their guard dogs are and sharing the sound to share hilarious videos of their pawdorable puppers.


Here is the original video:


This video posted by @tmades9 has been viewed millions of times, and the comment section is very on point.


Let's take a look at some of the best comments:


She looks very protected 😂


Have you considered getting a guard dog for your guard dog?


Heard this sound and was trying to figure out what Chris Evan’s movie was this? Y’all sound just alike!


George is a guard cat


Best sound!


100% pure protection dog, look - protecting you from the cold


so mine is a success story then cause my dog is immediately terrified


You better learn what to do in case of an emergency. You’re her line of defense 😂


My chihuahua is actually a great watch dog. She barks at everything and has the bravery of a black bear.


i would definitely be terrified:)



It did not take long for people to take this hilarious audio and run with it.


Huxley the guard dog


Rory the Protector


Moose is clearly always on guard


Kiwi is ready to Rumble


This Golden has got you covered


Ever seen a Huskey walk like that? Very intimidating


Suddenly feeling very protected


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