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Weirdly Humorous Names Twitter Users Gave Their Chickens: A Thread

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    Font - Amanda ... @Pandamoanimum A man I sometimes chat to in the park when walking our dogs was telling me this morning about his new rescue chickens. He pretty much made my day when he told me he'd called them Hen Solo, Jabba the Cluck, Obi-Hen Kenobi and Princess Layer. 12:06 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 3,001 Retweets 382 Quote Tweets 42.4K Likes

    It's really amazing the quality of banter that can be inspired by a conversation with the nice man from the dog park. This guy seems like he has many a story to tell, and we have two ears open and ready to listen. 

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    Rectangle - Esther Plume ... @esthersofeaton Replying to @Pandamoanimum We currently have Chickira and Tamara De Lempecker. Previous birds have been Coco Henell, Dora the Eggsplorer and Caramel chicken. 1:05 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android

    It's the name 'Dora the Eggsplorer,' for us. Caramel chicken seems a bit out of the left-field but we dig it, we are large fans of caramel after all. Chakira is a cute one, we bet her hips do not lie. Wait, do chickens have hips. 

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    Bird - KingSizeOggee @KingOggee ... Replying to @esthersofeaton and @Pandamoanimum Annabel and Guidetta say 'Hi'!
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    Human body - mrb4nks @mrb4anks Replying to @voiceinthetent and @Pandamoanimum The MilHENium Falcon? 2:34 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android
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    Human body - Corrina (she/her) @JuicyCorriander Replying to @Pandamoanimum I had rescue chickens, so much fun! Among them was 4 red feathered types all called Jolene. I also had a Henrietta 12:30 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android
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    Rectangle - jane schofield @arundeljones Replying to @JuicyCorriander and @Pandamoanimum Did you call them in song? Please tell me you sang Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, JOLEENE at feeding time! 2:48 AM · Jan 7, 2022 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Charliemf93 @charliemf931 Replying to @Pandamoanimum Haha, brilliant. We named some of our neighbours hens...Hen Dodd, Wingo Starr, Chick Astley, Maxine Beak and Gregory Peck. Too much time on our hands... 3:40 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android
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    Font - Steve H ... @SteveSelih Replying to @Pandamoanimum We also had a Princess Layer & three other rescues called Elhen Ripley, Katniss Everpreen and Fluffy the Vampire Layer. They arrived mostly featherless, having never felt the sun on their combs but left loved and pampered. Much missed. 2:15 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Ex Bat Hen @exBatHen Replying to @SteveSelih and @Pandamoanimum I cannot like this enough! We had a Princess Layer too. No Hen Solo but Harrison Ford featured with 3 called Cindy, Anna & Jones. Lately we have mostly been working our way through women from songs - Betty, Gloria, Layla, Alison etc 10:10 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android
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    Font - Sare Oxocube ... @Sareoxo Replying to @Pandamoanimum My sister had chicken Jalfrezi, chicken nugget and chicken dipper. All now naturally over rainbow bridge after a lovely few years rescued from battery cages and the possibility of a nandos dinner plate. Lovely girls who liked cuddles, cat food and chasing the cats. 3:09 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for Android
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    Organism - Millie Dyer @millieedyerr Replying to @Brockswood and @Pandamoanimum @TDETimDyer luke skysquarkere 11:32 PM · Jan 6, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Bird - To all the accounts I loved before @meimjustsomeone Replying to @Pandamoanimum One of my rescue hens, Henena Bonham Carter, obviously she's top of the pecking order

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