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A Discussion On The Importance Of Screening Pet Sitters: Reddit Thread

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    Font - PSA: Please screen your petsitter's social media! [Discussion] I recently came across a post on a certain dog hating subreddit of a rover sitter encouraging people to set out antifreeze to poison dogs. They themselves also do the same. It's horrifying that someone like this can be alone with someone's dog, with no supervision. Please screen your pet sitters and their social media! If you're unable to get nanny cams. 1.1k 220 1, Share + Award

    We can not imagine why anyone who hates dogs would voluntarily dog sit. This is truly terrible. OP's emphasis on the need to screen pet sitters' social media in our opinion, is totally valid. It may seem a little invasive, but you are literally entrusting this person with the care of your dear pet. You've got to be certain that you're putting your trust in the right person.

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    Font - Mysticgirl2019 · 3d I also recommend cameras in the house! It might seem creepy but believe me it's better to be safe then sorry. My sister hired a pet sitter for my parents 21 year old dog that had amazing reviews and all her friends used. This sitter did not come for 48 hours!!!!!! My poor senior dog! This evil women was sending my mom photos every 8 hours like agreed and would make up all these things about how much fun they were having. When my mom sent me the photos I was suspicious

    These kinds of terrible instances make us furious as heck. The AUDACITY to send the doggo's owner a premeditated photoshoot as if the photos were taken on different days, we're not sure if this is illegal, but it should be. 

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    Rectangle - datakiller123 · 3d If I ever have to get a pet sitter there's no way I'll have a single blind spot not covered by a camera (except bathroom ofc)
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    Font - LLove_Spiders_AMA · 3d When looking for a doggy daycare, the online reviews are crucial to read in my opinion. I've worked at several and actually have an interview at a local camp bow wow tomorrow morning, and had worked for a different one a couple years ago. If there are any number of reviews like, my dog came home with bites or punctures and the owners didn't care, my dog always comes home dirty, etc, that would lead me to believe the staff aren't doing due diligence in keeping play f
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    Font - aperturetriumphs · 3d I once looked for a pet sitter and found a nice, mature lady who lived in a good area. She seemed to tick all the boxes but I googled her and found she'd crashed her car while drunk, had a history of alcoholism, aggressive behaviour and was unable to hold down a job. Sadly, I think these gigs sometime attract desperate/unwell people who are wholly unsuited to it.
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    Font - datakiller123 · 2d I meant it as assurance/to check in once in a while on how he's doing or if the sitter left him alone for hours(I mean more like 12+hours), in my country if you put it on instagram you can be fined anyways, so l'm not planning on that. You're also required to inform people (not sure if this counts for inside too but iirc it does). Also assuming you're on vacation, you can't watch the camera 24/7. You can only (legally) store footage for 3 months unless something happene
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    Font - Bad8uddhist · 3d To be perfectly honest as a pet care provider I don't change my behavior with or without knowledge of cameras. It's led to some pet parents watching me stand there holding a leash for three minutes while he has his customary pre walk zoomies... which they then posted on instagram since he had done it every day the past month. Or listening to the ridiculous conversations I have with the chattier animals in my care since l'm used to carrying a conversation with my border co
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    Font - Illiiinnndsey · 3d This is my BIGGEST fear. People are sick. G Reply 425 V + Dr0110111001101111 · 3d For what it's worth, I've only had terrific hires on rover. The first one was honestly the perfect person. The second is incredibly reliable. My only grief with him is that he doesn't seem to be able to get my dog to poop most of the time. The catch is that I had to screen through like a dozen people before I found one on the list that looked promising. I mean, it wasn't a tough call to pa
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    Font - potatoluncheon · 3d This breaks my heart, as a dog sitter who does it not to supplement income but rather to spend quality time with animals, this kind of behavior is insulting. I genuinely, desperately wish I could own a dog but my living situation isn't ideal for one. I love all animals deeply and I like to think that I form lasting bonds with each one that I meet, my clients aren't just random people to me they are an extended family of sorts, they are the full time caregivers to my an
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    Font - Emergency-Buddy-8582 · 3d That would be extremely rare. What I would really worry about is negligence and incompetence, which are extremely common among dog walkers and daycare facilities. I walk my own dog, and you would not believe the negligence I have seen. I can count the dog walkers in the city of Toronto who I would entrust my dog to if needed on one hand. None of them would be the type that drives my dog in a van accompanied by a pack of strange dogs of unknown temperament and set
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    Font - orange_sherbetz · 3d This is why I feel my pups are safer at home alone than with these sitters. Horrible (sub)humans.
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    Rectangle - princess_nyaaa · 3d This is why my dog goes to a doggie day care. G Reply A 14 V

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