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Funniest Tweets From Pet Parents About The Perils Of Raising A Pet

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    Human body - KATE @mammamiafanacct Microdosing being a parent by taking my dog to the dog park where he pretends I do not exist the whole time & throws a fit when we leave

    Aww, it always hurts a tiny bit when your pet pretends to not know you to impress their doggy or cat friends. But we're sure that this dog really loves his owner and was just putting on an impressive act to make his social group very impressed. Such a cute and funny story that paints a perfect picture of pet parenting! 

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    Rectangle - Sheena S @MaidToMyCats One thing about raising a feral cat is that what scares them is normally unusual. Chess was fine with clanging pots, but terrified when I hummed a song.

    Aww, raising a feral cat sure isn't easy. After all, cats are finicky animals and a cat whose been on the street their whole life can totally come with some unfortunate habits. It might be hard for this woman to comfort her poor startled cat, but hang in there, it's definitely worth it to provide a warm and loving furrever home for your precious cat.  

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    Human body - lil mads @maddiemendel my kitten keeps farting on me i'm over being a parent already
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    Font - Michael Verdi @theguyonstage Raising a dog is like raising a kid except you have sex in front of the dog a lot more
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    Rectangle - julz @julia25m_ ... Yall i need to go get my new glasses but my dog is gonna be depressed if i leave her alone. Being a parent is so hard :/
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    Nose - ceciATL @CeciATL my daughter had to lock her cat out of her room so she could eat & she said "well now i miss her and want her to come back in" so i said "ok so let her back in" & she said “ but i also want to eat my food in peace" & i said “now you understand being a parent"
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    Rectangle - Ernie and Berti @Berti_and_Ernie [Being a parent] is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy. Barbara Walters
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    Smile - jazminə @JazmineVSworld Opened a drink for my son and he proceeded to thank our cat and tell her she's such a good cat. Being a parent is such an under appreciated job.
  • 9
    Font - Tim "New Year, Old Me" Stevens ... @UnGajje My son hissed at our cat so my daughter threatened to shred all his clothes. I'm very good at being a parent.
  • 10
    Cat - Vance @VanceSB What they don't tell you about raising a cat is your attachment to them becomes incredibly strong and sometimes you just sit at the office almost crying cause damn you love your fucking cat that much and you miss them. Anyways her name is Proxy and l've grown soft for her minia
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    Microphone - swag master @jeonjolly craziest thing to happen to me all year is finding out my cat is actually a BOY i been raising him as a pretty little princess
  • 12
    Human body - CR @crose_ ... As much as I tell my dog to stop running through the house you'd think I was raising a child

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