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Little Humans and the Big Dogs That Love Them: Total Cuteness Overload

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    Greatest Sleepover Ever!

    When Millie the family husky realized it was naptime for the little one, she climbed right into bed and wouldn't heed her dad telling her to get out. She nuzzled the little guy, made sure the blanket was nice and snug, and looked after him so closely and cutely the whole time he was falling asleep. And then, once he was finally sleeping sound, Millie herself fell right asleep too!

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    Who’s Walking Who?

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    Look at these dapper gentlemen! This little boy looks like something straight out of an advertisement with his raccoon onesie and paperboy hat, and the way the sun is shining of his great dane's head just adds a mystique to the picture that we are absolutely head over heels for. We've really only got one question though: who's walking who? 

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    Looks Like Naptime

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Best Baby Pictures, Ever!!!

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    Everyone Say Cheese!

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    I Mean Seriously, Have You Ever Seen Something So Cute?

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    Who Needs A Crib Anyway?

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    Cheezburger Image 9673283328
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    On The Road Again

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