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Stray Dog Finds Love From Many Helping Him Seek Forever Home

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    Dog - ADC

    Known as Yosemite, the youthful American Pit Bull-Terrier mix was placed on a stray hold at the RACC. Unfortunately, he was never reclaimed.

    "We don't know why he's still here," said RACC Communication Director Robin Young. "He's a great dog."

    Just last month, Yosemite turned one year old. Marking this occasion, Yosemite was involved in a special collaboration with RACC and second graders at St. Michael's Episcopal School, who wrote letters as part of a persuasive writing assignment from the point of view of local pets up for adoption.

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    Ecoregion - Hi bey. I would you my name is Yosemite. T am a like the animal shelter, bat be the bestl If youre looktngfor a-pet please; please,please a take me home. It would realy make my day If yOu adopted me I Jove cuddtes kisses and --extra- tove I'm tiegging you,please adop me.

    One student drew a picture of handsome Yosemite sitting on a blue blanket in the grass on a sunny day and wrote:

    "Hi my name is Yosemite. I am a boy. I like the animal shelter, but you would be the best! If you're looking for a pet please, please, please, a [sic] take me home. It would really make my day if you adopted me. I love cuddles, kisses and extra love. I'm begging you, please adopt me."

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    Although Yosemite is still up for adoption, he was most recently sponsored to participate in RACC's "Casual Friday Foster" event at the Maymont Foundation. Pets are usually not permitted on the grounds of the wildlife and rehabilitation center, but special preparations are made so local pups have a better chance of meeting potential dog parents to find them forever homes.

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    "We [RACC] began doing the venture a few years ago to give them a day out of the shelter," Robin explained. People can also come to meet dogs, cats, and kittens outside of the normal shelter atmosphere to see potential pets in a different light.

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    Yosemite loved his time in the sunshine, gaining the day drawn out by the St. Michael's second-grader. He was especially thankful for all the love and attention from the Maymont staff that came to greet him and all the toys he could enjoy.

    Yosemite is seeking a new family that can serve as his outdoorsy companions willing to take him on plenty of walks and have playtime throughout the day.

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    "He's young and energetic and would be a fun dog for somebody," Robin said. "He's got all that puppy energy. Yosemite knows commands and will lay down and take a nap; he just needs an active home.

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