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A Smol Batch Of Silly: Top 12 Illegally Smol Criminals Of The Week (May 11, 2022)

  • 1

    "illegally smol?"

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  • 2

    "It should be illegal to be this dang cute!"

  • 3

    "Friend had puppies, want to share with everyone."


    First, we wanted to say thank you for sharing. This information is crucial to our livelihoods. And going forward, we want to see everyone's friends' dogs and puppies. Second, a big congratulations to the momma dog for becoming a mommy. We hope motherhood will be everything you imagined and more.  And third, is that a little piggy? 

  • 4

    "My Chipoo as a pup. He was 1lb 7oz when we got him ??"


    Now that's what we call a smol and illegal little fur baby. Despite Chipoo's size, we can tell that he's one strong fella. We mean, look at him carrying that leaf all by himself?! It must've been so heavy, it's nearly as big as him. Such a brave and courageous soul. We hope he stayed this smol.

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  • 5

    "My mom’s 3lb Chihuahua/mini poodle mix"

  • 6

    "Daisy when she was a puppy (OC)"

    Dog - 700 BlackHawk Today I learned to sit! O petere Ole etere Pieckhokpetoore BlackHawk Puppy Milestone Cards
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  • 7

    "Nine German Shepherd puppies in a laundry basket"

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  • 8

    "Masquerading as Chicken Nuggets"

  • 9

    "First pic ever of my pup. He'll be 2yrs next month"

  • 10

    "My handsome little guy"

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  • 11

    "V smol newborns"

    Dog breed
  • 12

    "Little girl with her little ball."


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