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The Cutest Little Kitty Bleps Of The Week – Best of Reddit

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    Somebody's Hungry

    This gorgeous gal is named Tink (we tink that's supposed to be like Tinkerbell, but don't take our word for it), and her mom's friend posted this picture of her this week while she was sitting and begging for some wet food. This poor girl has been going through a rough patch recently, and is actually healing from some jaw problems, which is why she's not eating dry food again yet. Regardless, we want nothing more than to show up there and give her a whole tin! 

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    Does Anyone Want A Leg?

    Can you believe the face on this cat? How adorable are they? It looks like their owner interrupted a pretty serious grooming session, which could be why they look so confused. Although, there's also a chance that the cat looks confused because they have a question. They're raising their little paw in the air just like we were taught to do in school when we wanted to ask the teacher something. So, they get an A+ for manners, an A++ for cuteness, and an A+++ for one of our favorite bleps of the week. 

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    Bestest Friends

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    Taking A Nap

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    Just Woke Up From A Nap

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    Couch Blep

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    Stare Into The Void

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    Cross Eyed Kitty

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    Is That A Kitten Or A Jaguar?

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    Seniors Blep Too

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