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10 Sloth GIFs Everyone Needs in Their Life

  • 1

    Sloth, What Are You Thinking About?

    gif of a cute baby sloth
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  • 2

    SEVEN DAYS... No Wait, Months I Meant Months

    gif of a sloth edited to look like he is from Blair Witch Project
  • 3

    Sloth Hugs

    cute gif of sloth giving a hug
  • 4

    Ferocious Sloth Attack

    GIF of the slowest attack ever by a sloth.
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  • 5

    I'm Out!

    cute gif of a sloth wave good bye and drop into the pot he was in
  • 6

    Baby Sloths in PJs Hug

    Cute gif of 2 sloths wearing pajamas and hugging.
  • 7

    Little Yawner

    cutest gif of a yawning baby sloth
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  • 8

    Just a Sloth Scratch

    Cute gif of a sloth rubbing the belly of another sloth.
  • 9

    Sloth Getting Some Help

    GIF of someone helping a sloth cross the road.
  • 10

    The Most Romantic Sloth

    GIF of the most romantic sloth ever

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