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Good Boy Ollie, an Adorable Chocolate Lab Online, Gets Emotionally Attached to a Pumpkin and It's the Cutest



Ollie is basically an animal influencer on social media. He has hundreds of thousands of follows and post his adorable daily activities as a viral pup. His doggy ways has made him a role model for his dog parent followers. 


He's gone viral many times for many different reason—for one, he is very photogenic, so he does all kinds of fun doggy photoshoots with his mom. But most recently, he's gone viral for his choice in an emotional support item. 

His mom recently took him to a pumpkin patch so they could pick some pumpkins for Halloween together. While they were making their way through the patch, Ollie picked out a pumpkin that was just right for him. He carried it over to his mom and she couldn't say no to that face. So the pumpkin came home with them. Ollie was ecstatic 

A good boy deserve a good treat, and this pumpkin was his new bestie. He played with it, rolled around with it, even licked it clean and cuddles with it. “His emotional support pumpkin,” his mom captioned on Instagram. “Some days I am really convinced that there is a human trapped in Ollie’s head. He just has so many feelings.” 

 Obviously, his fans on social media are completely obsessed with this new development in the doggo's life. Ollie and his pumpkin is the title to a hit children's book if I've ever heard one. People are letting out their cuteness aggression in the comment section of the videos. 

Many followers are concerned about what's going to happen once the pumpkin goes bad. One person commented, “you're now legally required to find a way to preserve the pumpkin for him forever.” Another suggested, “Before the pumpkin goes bad, buy him a pumpkin plushie, so you can trade the actual pumpkin with it.”

Ollie is the goodest boy and deserves all the pumpkins he wants. He's definitely the winner of Fall after this adorable random attachment. Long live Ollie and his emotional support pumpkin. 




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