Weekly Internet Roundup: Abandoned Pigs, Dead Friendships, and Mighty Expensive Eggs


Hello! It's once again time to take a peek at the various scandals, news, and memes that have plagued the internet this week. As usual, a few bold discussion topics have stepped up to give us the entertainment and aggravation that we crave. We're at a boring time of year, so let's be thankful that they give us something to talk about. Without further ado, here are some of the things that have captured our attention recently.

Are You In the Right Headspace to Watch a TikTok Therapist That Could Possibly Hurt You?

Therapy: it's not always going to cure you of being a douchebag. This is especially true if you're the one dishing it out, and even better, you make your social media prescence all about that.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I would run far away from any therapist who was also a TikTok influencer, because they always seem to be producing the absolute worst content. For a profession that is meant to help, they sure can be pretty mean and self-centered. It's hard to forget the likes of the lady who got roasted for complaining about her clients ‘trauma dumping’, for example.

It seems that the lesson of her 2021 downfall has quickly been forgotten. There's a new smug mental health professional going viral, thanks to her outrageous demonstration of how to ‘break up’ with a friend. Psychologist @answeranxiety was roasted after giving a step-by-step script for ending a friendship that seems right out of the most hellish HR handbook. Honestly, a screaming argument would probably be more enjoyable.

Logan Paul is Toxic Dudebro of the Week 

The days when the Paul brothers were the height of controversy seem almost almost quaint now. However, they are still more than capable of making the headlines for terrible reasons. It's been bad few days for Logan Paul, as he has seesawed from one piece of awful PR to the next.

Things started off on a bad note when his former pet, a pig named Pearl, was found abandoned and gravely ill in a field, alongside another pig who had passed away. Taken in by an animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, they indirectly called out Paul for his reckless treatment of the animal. 

As if that wasn't enough, he decided to add fuel to the fire by sending out a cryptic tweet about the Matrix. Many interpreted this as supporting Andrew Tate, who had tweeted similarly after his recent high profile arrest. 

Of course, the king of toxic masculinity himself had to respond. He then proceeded to mock the YouTuber for scamming fans with his failed crypto project, Cryptozoo. When you're taking insults from this guy, something has gone seriously wrong.

Can I Offer You an Egg Meme in This Trying Time?

The United States has been concerned with all things kitchen-related lately. First of all, Republican polemicists across the land have been firing up their gas stoves after false rumors of a ban from the Biden administration (let's hope they don't try to bring back smoking inside, too). On top of that, people have been beside themselves over the expensiveness of eggs

The foodstuff has more than doubled in price since this time last year, thanks to a deadly outbreak of avian flu causing a shortage. Naturally, meme creators across the land have taken this an excuse for a glut of egg-related memes. New 2023 status symbol just dropped!



So ends another week of eyeroll-worthy events. Truly, social media never fails when it comes to summarizing the good, the bad, and most of all, the ugly. Until next time.


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