The Best From Twitch Plays Pokémon

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    Bad Luck Pokémon Trainer

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    I Feel Bad for Red...

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    He Really Thinks the Helix Fossil Will Help Him Out Every Battle

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    Based Helix Fossil is our lord!
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    The Hardest Opponent is a Tree

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    The Greatest Charmeleon of All Time Was Released. Rest in Peace, ABBBBBBK (

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    You Evil Demon!

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    As Well as the Amazing Rattata JLVWNNOOOO, Known as Jay Leno

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    All the Feels Come Rushing Back

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    But Why Were They Let Go?

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    We Should Have Known Better

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    In case you don't understand:

    In order to progress we needed a Pokémon that can learn surf. We had 5 of our 6 Pokémon slots full, so if we bought, caught, or obtained a Pokémon, it would go into that sixth slot. Eevee if evolved into Vaporeon works. Or we could be given Lapras which works. Or they could catch a Pokémon which is super hard to coordinate with 70k users. If eevee evolved into a non surf learning pokemon, we'd have to go to the pokemon PC to get a surf pokemon out of storage. We picked Eevee, evolved it into the flareon, tried to go to the box, and released two of our pokemon, including a starter, and deposited the helix fossil, which is being revered as a sort of God. If we didn't go with Eevee, we may still have our two released pokemon and our God. Instead, the false prophet killed them.
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    Maybe it Was Actually a Good Thing?

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    They Tried to Release Our Lord Pidgeot but He Was Withdrawn Again on the Third Try

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    There is Still Hope

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    He Was Deposited for Our Sins

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    Our Lord Shall Never Perish

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    Everything Would Have Been Okay if We Just Listened to This Man With the Plan

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    Try it Out for Yourself and Be a Part of History!

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    Play Here!


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