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How To Buy Your Cat A Drink

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    Shot Glasses Made of Ice

    Shot glasses made from silicone ice tray for buying your cat a drink list article.

    With summer right around the corner, the main reason for your cat to enjoy drinking anything, is to help them cool off.

    Shot glasses made of ice are really easy to make, and allows your cat to really enjoy drinking anything, even just water. 

    Cat's don't sweat like humans, and can only cool off from their paws and their mouth (just like dogs). So having cold water to drink, and an ice glass to drink it from is a real treat for kitty, especially on a hot summer's day. 

    Having cat drink from the same style cups the human's are drinking from is a real treat to the cat and acknowledges to them that they are accepted into the social group. 

    Not like any cat would ever admit to caring about such things.

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    FACT: Cats Love Licking Ice, Especially In Summer

    GIf of cat's enjoying a frozen ice ball.

    Before we go any further, lets just assume that the your cat love's licking ice. 

    There will certainly be some picky cat's that won't lick it because of lurking variable, like the dog licked it, or a cat who demands full payment in tuna before licking anything. But for the most part, something refreshing and cold on a hot summer day is easy to offer to your cat.

    Make sure your cat indeed likes licking ice before investing the effort with the rest of this post. Or at least be prepared mentally that the cat might not want your stupid drink.

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    Cat Will Be FINE Just Drinking Water

    Graphic of water being poured into a glass with the word WATER in impact font dissolved in the background.

    While there are certainly products you can buy for your cat to enjoy at this precious moment when both of you are going to enjoy a drink, really nothing more than water in that frozen shot glass is necessary.

    For the cat, drinking the ice water from the frozen shot glass, alongside his family (that's you!) and to be drinking from the same dishware as them, is more than enough. 

    But if you want to really spruce it up, keep reading.

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    Offer Your Cat Some Beer Nuts

    Temptations Mix ups Cat Treats to be used like beer nuts when you treat your cat to a drink.

    Nothing goes better with that cold beverage than a crunchy bite-sized snack. 

    For us humans, that is usually beer nuts or trail mix (sometimes popcorn), but for a cat, it is more like these Temptations Treats

    Any treats will do, these are just some very low-cost ones that are easy for everyone to find. A meager handful of any such a treat next to the frozen shot glass for your cat is all it takes. 

    Let the cat sniff the treat first, gauge their reaction, and if positive, then put it down in front of their nose and pet them to let them know it is for them. Repeat till interest wanes.

    Sometimes these treats smell so good to the cat, that the poor animal thinks such a treat is clearly for human and may hesitate to eat it without such acknowledgement from their owner first.

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    Wine For Cats

    Screen grab off amazon of Catbernet wine for cats - As Seen On Shark Tank

    Now if you really want to go all out, you can get Catbertnet Cat Wine - As Seen On Shark Tank!

    This is not real wine, but a substitute that looks and smells similar, made out of beets and herbs. It is basically a flavored drink made to mimic the texture and smells of a regular wine, but with no alcohol, as again, cats SHOULD NEVER DRINK REAL ALCOHOL.

    This one is only intended if you too are drinking wine, otherwise there really isn't any point, although not clear if there was ever a specific point being made with this.

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    Wake Up The Cat The Next Morning, If Possible.

    Cat passed out in the morning like a hungover drunk.

    Sure, cat didn't drink any actual alcohol, but you probably made cat feel safe, and happy, and cats get drunk off those emotions, so they probably will sleep really well, as always, and if you did everything right, you'll find them like this the next day.

    Or they will push their nose into you face at 5 AM - it could go either way.


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