I Can Has Cheezburger?

8 Comics That Show How Relationship Changes Over Time

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    webcomic - Comics - NEW VS LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS 1. PREPPING NEW RELATIONSHIP LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP Be there in ten! Be over io tea! lol ok I HAVENT SHAVED MY WHOLE BODY YET CHIP Hurry huty hurry Ploing candy Crush BRAAAAP Helllooo CollegeHumon
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    webcomic - Cartoon - DATE1 DATE 2 I think Tm ust Jonna have a salad Maybe Ill get a BURGER DATE 3 DATE ??? I bet I can eat (this buito in 3 bites. Wow babe! CollegeHumon
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    webcomic - Cartoon - ROLL I feel like Tm being hugged by wamth and joy itself
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    webcomic - Face - Tm qoin'to da store to get some lil numy-numies. Hey poo Hey but. OoOo yayMah Gimme Kiss! My squishy wishy cutie wootie baby face bunny What hare we come to ? o
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    Physical Intimacy

    webcomic - Cartoon - NEW RELATIONSHIP What , you doing in there?? Just qetting Comy! are LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP LOVE ME!
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    How you feel

    webcomic - Face - As much as I Do you still love me'the same? love AOT having to to shave my legs impress you! Yes! How much? Wow,that's a lot! Yeah! Luh you butt. Luh you too poopy CollegelHumon
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    webcomic - Facial expression - AMOUNT OF TIME DATING 1 month 6 months 1 Year .5 Years 2 Years Where's my girlfriend? Herty aniversary! anr Sorah Andersen
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    webcomic - Cartoon - Yeah, I an like, GUSHING blood Like, niagra falls status YEP. The utews is one vicious mistress. I feel like I could paint a whole HOUSE with all this blood! WOW my penod is CRAZY this month! Ooooh.. Too bad Oh yeah? CollegeHumon


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