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Pianist Gave Home To 9 Stray Cats And They Become His Most Loyal Audience

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    Sarper Duman is a pianist from Istanbul, Turkey, who is also the proud father of a feline family with 9 cats

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    All cats were found injured in the streets of Istanbul and were treated by Sarper. One of them is even blind.

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    As a pianist, Sarper playes the piano every night and while doing so all of his cats gather around him and enjoy the music. They are his most loyal fans.

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    One of them loves to join him for a duet once in a while

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    The others just love to sit on his piano’s keyboards when he’s not playing

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    In their free time, they also listen to the birds singing

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    Sarper treats his feline family like a royal family and their home is a symbol of peacefulness

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