21 Random Memes To Cure Your Sunday Blues

  • 1
    Tennis racket - IG hoes be like "played some tennis today @heckoffsupreme.
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  • 2
    Food - Crazy message in my soup today ONE
  • 3
    Text - When a coworker asks to hang out after work drgrayfang It's the weekend. I don't know you. You do not existo
  • 4
    Facial expression - this one line sums up my life I expect nothing and Tm still let down.
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  • 5
    Water transportation - White people will go do shit like this but are afraid to drink artificial sweeteners
  • 6
    Text - Met my favorite actor today so I had to get a flick King
  • 7
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  • 8
    People - sorry my camera don't focus on the fakes
  • 9
    Photo caption - Man Arrested For Breaking Into Homes Just To Tickle People's Anus 125 f Shares in G+ 124 Written by Online Editor O 06 Apnl 2016 World News DALLAS POLICE EXCLUSIVE MANWHOWAS BREAKING INTO HOMES AND TICKLING BUTTHOLES CAPTURED Huzlers TRENDING NEWS & URBAN ENTERTAINMENT SNEAK 100 PICKPOCKET 100
  • 10
    Text - me: TODAY IS GOING TO BA GOOD DAY I CAN FEEL IT!! JUST POSITIVE VIBES *minor inconvenience happens* me for the rest of the day:
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  • 11
    Press up - when the teacher's not looking in gym class
  • 12
    Dog - Just packing the essentials:
  • 13
    Natural landscape - People who go to a show and watch it through their phone the whole time @MasiPopal g Gla
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  • 14
    Text - "Where you flying off to this summer?" Ме: Wha sApp Snapchat stag am 45 Twitter
  • 15
    Meme of stock photo of doctor consoling old man with caption saying his wife is in a better place, and by that he means his apartment.
  • 16
    T-shirt for teachers that survived the 2016-2017 school year with hover boards and fidget spinners.
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  • 17
    Meme about the difference of saying this is the last chance I am giving them and the reality of there being about 12 more instances of them doing that again.
  • 18
    Bugs bunny as opulent king as the feeling when the teacher uses your assignment as the example of what to do right.
  • 19
    Meme about how expensive restaurants will sprinkle kale and chocolate on a snickers bar and charge you $300 for it.
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  • 20
    Very funny meme of someone saying the perfect game doesn't exist, but gets interrupted with the Date A Fidget Spinner game of an anime girl as a fidget spinner
  • 21
    Tumblr post asking what sport Kendall Jenner plays as she is now the face of Adidas.


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