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China Created A Giant Panda Solar Power Farm

  • They Shaped It Into A Giant Panda!

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    They want to be known as the innovators for a better and cleaner future. So what makes China's solar so different from all the rest? 

    China has decided that the solar farm will be designed and shaped as a giant panda, and we just have to say that its so cute! 

    The plant was built by the Clean Power Giant China Merchants New Energy Group, and is 248 acres...but thats only the start! When completed, it will be 1,500 acres and have another panda! But, we know the question on everyones mind... How did they get it to look like a panda?! Well, The black parts of the panda are composed of monocrystalline silicone and the gray-and-white parts are thin film solar cells. 

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  • Why a Giant Panda?

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    If you didn't know Giant Pandas have made quiet the comeback recently. After years of being on the endangered list have officially made it off! We all know what you're thinking, how can these cute, adorable and very clumsy giants be on an endangered list in the first place? Well, female pandas don't have the best of luck with reproducing. They only have a 2-3 day window in which they can pregnant. And since panda's were separated from other panda it was nearly impossible to mate. So china took matters into their own hands and created a sanctuary for their pandas.

  • Back to the Giant Panda Solar Farm

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    The first phase of China's Solar farm was completed on June 30th. At 50 - megawhatts, it began putting power into the northwestern part of China's grid. The Panda Power Plant - yes, real name of the plant- is said to produce 3.2 billion kilowhatts -hours of solar energy in 25 years according to the China Merchants Energy Group. 


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