9 Cat Weirdos That Are Strange Enough for The Friskies!

  • 1

    Cats Can be so...Helpful

    Nobody believed this youtuber when she said, " one night as I'm standing there brushing my teeth after my shower, this one decides the top of my head would make a great spot to chill out and groom herself and, well, it's now become a routineā€¦"

    Well, thank goodness for video cameras!
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  • 2

    That's Quite the Attack Technique...

  • 3

    I Can't...Stop!

    This funny cat is completely obsessed with batting at paper. Is it just me or is there something oddly satisfying about watching this kitty. I understand you, little guy...I understand.
  • 4

    I Think He Got'em...

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  • 5

    My Broccoli!

  • 6

    USPS Doesn't Need to Worry About the Snow and Cold, They Need to Worry About This Cat

  • 7

    It's Just Better Not to Ask Why...

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  • 8

    My Cat Broke

  • 9

    You Don't Want to Get Attacked by This Shark on a Roomba

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