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8 Pampered Pups Enjoy a Sausage Dog Spa Day, Chaos and Hilarity Ensue


Yuna is a dog mom to eight, yes, eight, adorable weens. She's grown a following of over one million people who love to watch as she captures her daily life with these chaotic yet surprisingly calm doggos.

She takes them to the beach, camping, and even baseball games. All that time outdoors on the agenda calls for one thing a lot of dogs dread… bath time. But not these eight little pups. The video below shows them lined up, bouncing up and down, waiting for their hooman to carefully place them in the bathtub one by one with all of their siblings.


The bath is filled with toys and bubbles, and the video shows the heartwarming chaos of Yuna ensuring each pup gets a thorough scrub. And then comes the best part, they all get wrapped up in their bright orange towels, experiencing the post-bath zoomies (if you're a dog parent, you know the drill), and then getting perfectly tucked in a line on the bed under the covers. It's an adorable sight you need to see.

Yuna tries to make it look like a real spa and even places cucumbers on each of the dogs' eyes. Some of the dogs drift away into a peaceful sleep, while the others can't resist the temptation and immediately devour their cucumbers, turning to their siblings to eat theirs, too. Make sure to follow along with the adventures of these eight doggos on Yuna's channel.


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