18 Fascinating Photos Collected From History

  • 1

    De Beer mine workers are X-rayed at the end of every shift before leaving the diamond mines. Kimberly, South Africa. 1954

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  • 2

    Paper boys at 2 A.M. about to start their morning rounds. February 12, 1908

    Photograph - EYA YAMERICAN CAREOF The lorning Te Che Cbenine Bun The MorningCelegraph The Town intevisw The The MorningTelegraph: The 3ee The ilorningTelegraph nin e THE EVENING MAIL FINAL CRUSHED IN S
  • 3

    Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, before getting hanged next to the crematorium at the camp, 1947

  • 4

    Auschwitz death camp guards on their day off

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  • 5

    The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, 1946

  • 6

    An Afghan mujahideen aims a FIM-92 Stinger missile at passing Soviet aircraft, 1988

  • 7

    Two children wearing Ku Klux Klan robes and hoods stand on either side of Dr. Samuel Green, Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard, at an initiation ceremony. Atlanta, Georgia. July 24, 1948

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  • 8

    A German submarines control room in 1918

    Metal - ITunre 26
  • 9

    The torpedoed Japanese destroyer Yamakaze, as seen through the periscope of an American submarine, USS Nautilus, in June 1942

  • 10

    A Japanese dive bomber’s final moments, 1945

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  • 11

    The crew of the sinking Japanese air craft Zuikaku salutes as the flag is lowered for the last time on October 25, 1944.


    The ship would sink with the loss of 843 men

  • 12

    US Marines returning fire during the battle of Hue, 1968

    Gun - A
  • 13

    The crew of Apollo 1 relaxes during training, 1966

    Swimming pool
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  • 14

    Apollo 1 Crew: Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger B. Chaffee

    Team - NASA
  • 15

    The Apollo 1 Tragedy: the orbit with Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee on board


    Tragically, however, the spacecraft was destroyed in a cabin fire during a launch pad test 50 years ago

  • 16

    Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, Sept 8,1945

    Cloud - Colorized Photo f bastako, J. Atomic cloud over Nagasaki, 09.08.1945 Photo by Hiromihi Matsuda

    Taken 15+ minutes after the explosion, seen from a distance of 15 km. Photo by Hiromihi Matsuda

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  • 17

    Note handed to President Johnson about fatal Apollo 1 fire

    Text - THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON January 27, 1967 7:45 p.m Mr. President: James Webb just reported that the first Apollo crew was under test at Cape Kennedy and a fire br oke out in their capsule and all three were killed. He does not know whether it was the primary or backup crew, but believes it was the primary crew of Grissom, White and Chafe Jim Jones
  • 18

    Jim Morrison performing at Fantasy Faire and Magic Musical Festival, Northridge, LA. 1967

    Photograph - @Historic


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