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9 Lolcat Myths (And One Hotdog) Busted!

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    Start With An Easy Myth

    Cat - myth: cats can sense whenever their hoomins are eating weren't you asleep outside a just a minute ago? CONFIRMED

    The next experiment will research faster than light kitteh travel. Cats could hold the secret to interstellar travel.

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    Then Take On Some Colossal Myths

    Cat - BigfootMyth Suckers! Busted!!
  • 3

    Sometimes You Have To Take Risks For Science

    Cat - And remember NOT to do this at DANG...! home... Reggie wasa serious Mythbusterfan
  • 4

    After A Hard Day Of Science, This Is The Myth We All Deserve

    Cat - Myth: That cats sleep 19 hours aday. We will test it right after this nap.
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    Myth Splatted!

    Organism - Testing my theory dat odder animuls land on der feets using my cataplop Splat Clean-up needed in testing booth 3!
  • 6

    Science Requires Serious Funding With Reggie Around

    Sky - Yep Busting Myths is taking it's toll Another Liberry Building Fund Drive?

    Looks like the good luck dog bone myth has been busted.

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    Reggie Returns For The Refrigerator Light Myth

    Cat - They say(who ever 'they'are) that the little light in your refrigerator that helpsyou find the last piece of the sausage inthe back of the bottom shelf, Switchesitself off when you close the door. Butis that true?How do we prove it? ПИ Itisquitea clevertrick that the little light Switches off and on like that, considering a human invented it.But only if it the mythistrue of course. The big question is: what do we blow up to test this myth?

    At some point you have to question his motives as a Mythbuster..

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    No Need To Keep Blaming This On The Dog

    Font - Bio DANOER STAR GOAL Today's mythisallabout toilet paper!Whatis soexciting about toiletpaper you may ask,and if you do,youare obviouslynotacat!The myth we will be puttingto the test isthat toilet paper willoften spontanouslyexplode when acatispresent Now? Can I do it now? CONFIRMED

    Reggie! Step away from the explosives.

  • 9

    The Dog Won't Go Away Unless He Gets To Science Too

    Dog - Myff Datifugibsadog abone,ulhazgud luk Cimonlet's test itrite nao!

    Luck is a necessity with all of the explosions happening.

  • 10

    Screwing Around Has Its Merits Though

    Hat - Remember kids the only difference between screwirngaround and science is writing it down HD HEART

    Bravo to all the good scientists who submitted their hard work to JeffCatsBookClub for this groundbreaking project.

    If you have a myth that needs busting, let us know in the comments.


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