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Adorable Proud Dog Parents Get A Tiny Backpack To Carry Their Kid In

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    All the puppies were also luckily adopted by Tran's relatives… all except one.

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    This furry baby named Teddy, who still lives with his parents and Tran.

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    Now, it might come as a shock but these puppies were actually quite the surprise. (Parents Tony and Tiny have since been fixed) 

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    Obviously, like many loving pet owners, Tran likes to take his dogs basically everywhere he goes. But now with the new arrival of Teddy, it's gotten a bit more difficult to all travel together. Especially since Trans main concern is to travel safely. This meant that Tran would have to get creative.

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    Inspired by a dog backpack he sometimes carries Tony or Tiny around in, Tran grabbed some scissors and an old jean jacket to make a teenier, Teddy-sized version! (We know, super adorable) 

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    After countless trail and errors, Tran was finally able to make the perfect mini puppy backpack. And so the Teddy-tote was born!

    Now you're all probably thinking that Tran will most likely be the one carrying the little pup… but it actually wasn't designed for him…

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    It was designed for Teddy’s dad, Tony!

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    Tony is now able to carry him in a securely and comfortable fashion while the family is out and about. And yes, Teddy loves it! Like any newborn, it's so cozy and comfortable, he even falls asleep during their walks. In the meantime, though, Tony and Tiny seem delighted that their baby can so easily tag along. Tran wouldn't have it any other way.

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    But Teddy is only a pup, so he'll be old enough to walk alongside his parents safely while Tran looks over all of them while they are out on their adventures.

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    "I love my dogs," he told The Dodo. "They are my family." We couldn't agree more! And a family that plays together, sticks together!


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