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Community Honors Brutus, The Local Beloved Supermarket Cat, With a Bronze Statue

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    Every day, Brutus the cat would walk the 200 meters from his home, down to his local supermarket in Flintshire, Wales.

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    Here he would charm customers with his gentle manner while checking out the latest arrivals at the meat and fish section, or find himself a cozy corner to settle down in and keep an eye on proceedings.

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    Brutus became a fixture at Morrisons, known and loved by customers and staff alike and even attracting over 12,000 followers on his personal Facebook page.

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    So when he sadly passed away earlier this year, the community decided to honor his memory.

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    Shoppers raised 4,000$ in donations to build an 18 inch bronze statue of Brutus, a permanent reminder of the popular pussycat and a fitting tribute to the friendliest of neighborhood felines.

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    The store’s manager, Christine Joy, agreed that the statue was the perfect way to remember Brutus, who had become part of the family at Morrisons.

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    So farewell, dear Brutus, the cat who left paw-prints on the hearts of a whole community.

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