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Featured Fur Monster: Wee Willy is the Most Unusual Cat in the World

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    When Wee Willie was left on our doorstep he looked very thin and weak

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    My husband Bryan and I were on a four day mini vacation to the Washington coast over Thanksgiving 2012. A few days after we arrived, our good widower friend who house and cat sat for us, called in a panic. He said "Some old guy dropped a teeny kitten off in a box and said, 'I know Sylvia will take care of him' and practically ran back to his car before I could even close my mouth. What the &*^% do you want me to do?"
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    Wee Willie's first Christmas present was a lasagna dish litter box

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    After I had a minor panic attack, I said, "We'll come home first thing in the morning." He said, "No, no, just tell me what to do. I can take care of this until you come home Sunday." He told me the kitten looked very thin and weak and full of fleas. I told him to spread a linen on the floor of the guest bedroom where he was sleeping and isolate him in there. Line my lasagna pan with a small plastic bag and a little litter. The itteh biteh was too small and weak to go into a regular litter box. "Put him in the litter box every hour or so but if he goes on the linen, no big deal. Grab one of the other cat's floofies for him to sleep in." I also Had him mix a little gushie paté cat food with warm water to make a slurry the kitten could in small amounts. But no kibbles or milk as cow milk would likely be too much for his weak digestive system.
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    Wee is here to stay

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    The "old man" is the ex-husband of an ex-wife of one of Bryan's brothers. I married into an extended, complicated family - if you charted the family tree, there would be so many arrows going in so many direcions you would get cross-eyed :) I called and threw a few choice words at him for doing this to our friend. He is of limited means and somehow had acquired a small semi-feral colony that lived in his garage that he was doing his best to care for. He had taken Wee to a vet who told him that if he did not take care of Wee quickly, he would surely die like Wee's sissy had. He said Mom's milk had dried up and the poor little guy was trying to nom adult kibbles with his tiny teeth. Hence the dump job. I told him we would take care of Wee and adopt him IF he promised to get hold of a rescue organization to help him neuter and spay the other cats. He didn't need to know we would have taken him anyway :) He promised he would and at a later date did give us the name of the organization that helped him if we wanted to check. We keep in touch and I have sent him pics of Wee Willie as he grew older.
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    The Most Unusual Cat in the World

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    As you can see, Wee Willie is a healthy, strong, adorabulz kitteh now. Surprisingly, he is the alpha male in the household (currently at 5 after the passing of two elders this year). Quite the little scrapper with an incredible strong will to live considering his poor start in life.
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    From humble beginnings to first world floofy problems

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    Wee still a weenie in many ways thoughs. Any sudden noise will send him scuttling to his nearest safety zone. Any trip to the vet results in accidentals from both ends :) We've learned to withhold food the night before an appointment. Doesn't make the other cats happy, but they are not in any danger of starving to death despite their accusing looks.

    We always say we play no favorites with our animal companions, but Squee Willie has a special place in our hearts.

    Thank you for the story Sylviag, we won't tell your other kittehs. If you enjoyed this feature and want to submit a story of your own, head to this blog post. Also, be sure to check out the other FFM posts, including the inspiring story of Frankencat here!


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