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23 Marvelous Mid-Week Dog Posts Pawfect Fur Frustrated Floor Workers

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    Cheezburger Image 10362402816

    Now this is one customer who unfortunately not only cannot clean up their own mess, but simply does not understand what kind of mess they have created. Sure it is better to clean this up and the vomit a sick child sprayed all over aisle 12, but still, who has got the energy to be putting up with this?

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    TAYLOR @CALM_Taylor Why is there a Dog in the drive thru??? Andy Leeman @AndyLeeman91 Because he can't f cking drive. Taylor.
  • 3

    "doggo hate bath"

    You may have seen a better picture of a dog avoiding a bath today, but I doubt it.
  • 4


    my dog whenever I come home smelling like another dog WELCOME HOME CHEATER

    There is nothing like coming off a twelve-hour shift only to come home to more drama. Sometimes it feels as though the madness never ends, and all we can do is hang on until the next paycheck like a dog trying to steal a pork chop who is in a tug of war with the local butcher.

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  • 5

    "Good Girl"

    The mailman has to improvise whenever there's no mail, because Pippa loves collecting the mail and he doesn't want him going home disappointed have mail POST
  • 6
    Me: trying to use the bathroom My dog: Bonjour
  • 7
    Me and my bestie after not seeing each other after a long time
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  • 8

    "bestfriends forever"

    My best friend 10 years ago & now POLK AD
  • 9

    "squirrels are evils"

    When you try to warn your owner the squirrels outside are plotting to kill him and he tells u to stop barking
  • 10
    Science lab in a science lab Proper LAB Attire Includes Goggles
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  • 11

    "Been staring for Hours"

    He thinks this painting is a window
  • 12

    "He Loves it"

    I got my pup a matching chair so he would stop stealing mine. Needless to say, he's very pleased
  • 13

    "Doggo be judging everyone"

    My dog just posts up like he's in the club judging ppl
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  • 14

    "Good Boy"

    Just want to apologize to any neighbors that are missing a rack of ribs. Our dog escaped and came back an hour later this. with
  • 15

    "Dog Rizz"

    My dog: wyd Me: eating My dog: dam witout me ahahah
  • 16

    "Thank you Doggo"

    14 You left this on your plate and then walked away. I saved it from getting cold or falling on the floor.
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  • 17

    "anyone wanna ride this bus?"

    I've found the bus to heaven
  • 18

    "doggo doing helicopter backflip"

  • 19

    "bias news"

    If this reporter was a legitimate journalist he would be interviewing that dog
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  • 20


    Can you hangout?? No it's my dogs birthday Lol. What? HAPPY Birthday Delivered
  • 21
    Ice cream thief regrets nothing
  • 22

    "OH NO!"

    Was outside cutting wood with my dog and when I turned around I thought something terrible happened
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  • 23

    "someone attacked this doggo"

    Acting like a victim


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