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21 Feel Good Feline Funnies For Fur Baby Friday To Sweetly Close The Work Week

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    My dad (who swore he'd never want a pet) helping our cat Buttercup getting her favorite toy back from underneath the oven

    Talk about some pawdorbale team work. There is something so magical about cats that it is impossible to ignore their need for help. Perhaps it is the blend of their independence and baby like features that melt our heart and cause us to bend to their will. Either way, there is one thing that is for sure, and that is that we will always be there for our cats.

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  • 2

    “Of course, we’re only for people with the most refined taste.”

    me JAZZPOSTIN literally any and every cat
  • 3

    “You have to admit, that’s level-10 spycraft.”

    My kitten hides behind our curtains like this bc she thinks we can't see her while she's planning to attack when we walk past her
  • 4

    “Could you take those complaints somewhere else? I’ve had a long night of utter destruction.”


    While rather clawminal, there is something to be said for owning your mistakes. In this life we are often quick to apologize or feel bad about selfish acts. When, in fact, sometimes we simply deserve to do what is best for us. This life is short, so best live it like you want to.

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  • 5

    “Flowers to eat, fresh sheets to puke on…what could be more romantic?”

    My sweet GF prepared my bedroom for a beautiful evening but neglected to shut the door. Willow was clearly feeling the mood.
  • 6

    “Well, somebody had to wake her up.”

    Hello my name is Elliot and I fell off the fridge this morning and landed on my moms head, then I peed on her
  • 7

    “Some of us are born with supercharged weapons.”

    I've been mesmerized by this cat's Magic Mittens & find it impossible to say no to anything she asks for:
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  • 8

    “Yeah, but at least we’ll never run up your car insurance.”

    My parents at my age: 影 Me: tell your cat i said pspsps
  • 9

    “Am I being mocked? ‘Cuz I feel like I’m being mocked.”

    The majestic land seal capable of sleeping up to 22 hours a day
  • 10

    “Whatever could be giving him the idea that I cost money? Besides the caviar and the custom cPAP mask, I mean.”

    Today I went into my husbands wallet for some money and all I found was this zillion dollar bill with my cat's face on it. This man really thinks he's funny ZILLION 5 $1.000.000,000,000,000,000 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARKALTERIER ALL GENTS PUC ARE PRIVACY ZILLION E 31491458D 5 WourDE Z 5 E 31491458 D Alan Caskets Cabal ZILLION ZILLION DOLLARS OVER
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  • 11

    “It’s a sure sign of sheer brilliance.”

    A/1A When you have to stay focused, so you put your thinking cat on
  • 12

    “I suspect I have been pranked.”

    Woke up in the middle of the night.. to see a flour thief
  • 13

    “Me? Nosy? Nahhhhhh….”

    Just moved in an met the new neighbor
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  • 14

    “Well, it is our chair, after all. He can buy his own.”

    Only people with cat(s) will understand D
  • 15

    “Certain days, this person only wants their cats. Those days are Sunday through Saturday.”

    Person: "Your memes are hilarious. You're probably fun to hang out with" Me:
  • 16

    “Dad-deeeee! How did you let such a tiny box trap you?”

    I tried to video chat with my cat and she recognized me 642 Posted in r/wholesomememes by u/ThrwAwy170 reddit
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  • 17

    “It just needed a touch of the sublime.”

    "I always thought that something was missing... the painting is perfect now..."
  • 18

    “It wasn’t really much of a battle. All I did was make unholy noises at him.”

    I know who won this fight
  • 19

    “This is all the food I have for the next 6 months! Please give generously!”

    This cat's name is Bobby. He comes to the restaurant with his stuffed mouse and pretends to faint in order to beg handouts. from the customers.
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  • 20

    “Now feel free to speak while I take a nap.”

    Before you tell me what I did wrong, you should first know I don't care.
  • 21

    "Get a little lovebug of your own…adopt a pet! Senior pets especially would appreciate a warm, loving home, but pets of all ages would welcome it!"

    Walked into the shelter and asked which cat had been there the longest. Came home with a deaf, toothless senior lovebug


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