14 Of The Most Expansive Cats In The World

There is even one costing 100,000$! Via: Pulptastic

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    Norwegian Forest Cat, up to $3,000

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    Via Animlia

    This fluffball's ancestors were bred by Vikings over 2,000 years ago, with lush fur to  keep them cozy in cold forests and awesome hunting skills.

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    Himalayan cat, up to $1,300.

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    Via Animalia

    Although it looks a little like a Persian cat, the blue eyes and colorpoint coloring is characteristic of a Himalayan. Bred in the US in the 1950s, these cats are friendly, calm and obedient.

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    Scottish Fold, up to $1,500.

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    Via Blogspot

    Scottish Folds have the cutest ears of all cats which, as the name suggests, look like they've folded over, the result of a genetic mutation. These clever cats are very sociable and playful, and they're known for standing on their hind legs to watch the world go by.

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    Peterbald, up to $1,200

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    Also known as the Petersburg Sphynix, this cat was first bred in Russia in 1994. They can be bald of fuzzy, and they're sociable and calm in nature and very easy to train.

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    Egyptian Mau, up to $1,500.

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    They've been around since Ancient Egypt, but they haven't changed much in 3,000 years. As well as their fur, these cats actually have spotted skin.

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    Maine Coon, up to $1,500

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    This super-size cat is more like a small lion than a house pet, reaching up to 1.23m in length. But they're affectionate and playful, despite their giant size.

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    La Perm, up to $2,000

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    Bred in the 1980s in the US, these cats have distinctive curly fur (like a perm, geddit?) and they're hypoallergenic, so even people allergic to kitties can cuddle up with these fluffy pets.

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    Russian Blue, up to $2,000

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    Via Your cat

    These kitties originated in Russia in 1893, and are a very popular shorthair breed, possibly because they're said to bring luck the the house they live in.

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    Elf cat, up to $2,000

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    Via Pinterest

    This young breed was only developed in the US in 2006. Elfs are said to be friendly, smart, mischievous, curious and devoted — even if they look a bit weird.

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    American Curl, up to $3,000

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    This California-bred cat remains small — it's hard to tell a kitten from a full-grown adult — and when they're around 10 days old their ears begin to turn back, like tiny little horns.

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    Khao Manee, up to $11,000

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    First mentioned in the "Cat Book Poems" of ancient Siam in 1350, these were the favored cats of royalty and considered a symbol of luck, longevity, and wealth (which you'd need anyway to afford one).

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    Caracal, up to $10,000

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    Via pinterest

    Technically a wild cat, this breed is in danger of extinction and kitty-lovers are encouraged to buy them to preserve their species, making them a favorite for wealthy people looking for exotic pets.

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    Savannah cat, up to $22,000

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    Bred from an African Serval and a domestic cat, this leopard for your home can grow up to 33lbs and reach 1.9ft in height. They're super clever and super active, needing lots of space to play and long walks

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    Ashera, up to $100,000

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    Via Petpaw

    The most exotic domestic cat in the world (and the rarest), the Ashera is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard. Stunningly beautiful — if you've got a spare $100,000 lying around.

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