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These Amazing Portraits are Helping Some Shelter Dogs to Get Adopted

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    Many of Holroyd's unique photos highlight their subject's individual personalities

    Image 8422762496
    Milly gets a seascape since she has affectionately earned the nickname "Milly the Mermaid" due to a disability that affects her back legs.
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    Costa has his bags packed

    Image 8423398144
    Holroyd posed him by his luggage because Costa is currently blind and hopes to be adopted by someone in the UK where he can have an operation to restore his sight.
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    Winston is as noble as they come

    Image 8422767104
    Holroyd is going to release a book of each image later this year. Kayte Wilson-Smith, who runs the shelter entirely out of her pocket, is writing up a back story to go alongside each pup's portrait. All proceeds of course go to the shelter.
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    Barny pulls of the fedora with ease

    Image 8422758144
    A lot of the dogs of Oroklini have had tough lives. Holroyd notes that "dogs are being dumped, beaten and tortured for absolutely no reason other than amusement."
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    Molly looks like a dreamer

    Image 8422759936
    Holroyd is calling his series the Bay Tree Project and is using the images to spread the story of these adorable shelter pups.
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    Ozzy lives by the credo 'dog is copilot'

    Image 8422761984
    Check out all of Holroyd's portraits and help spread the word about the dogs of The Bay Tree Project here!

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