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10 GIFs Demonstrating The Ferocity of Red Pandas

  • 1

    Here We Can See Them Practice Their Savage Attacks Under The Guise of Innocent Frolicking

    GIF of a cute red panda biting the tail of another for fun.
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  • 2

    Red Pandas Have No Fear of The Cold Snow For It Reminds Them Only of The Coldness of Their Hearts

    GIF of a klutzy red panda walking and falling along a plank covered in snow.
  • 3

    This Pumpkin Was Fortunate to Survive This Ferocious Assault

    Rep Panda gif of one attacking a ball in the snow without much luck.
    Unfortunately, later it was made into a pie. It was delicious.
  • 4

    These Two Celebrate Their Deadly Cuteness With a High Five

    Cute GIF of red pandas giving each other a high five
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  • 5

    An Encounter With One of The Red Panda's Oldest Enemies, Obi Wan Kenobi

    GIF of a red panda Jedi as Obi-wan Kanobi takes his light saber away.
  • 6

    In a Bestial Rage, One Red Panda Asserts Its Dominance on a Weaker Member

    Funny gif of a red panda jumping on top of another in a surprise attack.
  • 7

    Again, They Will Practice Their Attacks Against Wild Insects Knowing That Only One or The Other Will Make It Out of The Encounter Alive

    Funny gif of a red panda attacking an insect and almost hurting himself in the process.
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  • 8

    A Graphic Reminder of What Could Happen Should a Horde of Red Pandas Catch You Unprepared

    GIF of Chinese woman that is hording red pandas and one seems to bite her.
  • 9

    Consider It a Blessing That They Struggle to Reach Doorknobs

    Gif of the cutest panda jumping up and down trying to open the door.
  • 10

    Ok, So Maybe They Are About as Harmful as a Housecat

    GIF of red pandas getting startled and having a really funny reaction to doing so.


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