Man Saves Kittens From Industrial Site Then Sees Some of Them With Giant "Bear" Paws

An industrial worker found a litter of six kittens in his working area. (We agree, so sad!) Luckily for these little kitties, he was able to get them to safety. Once they were safe and sound, he was in for a surprised...

Via: LoveMeow

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    The litter of 7-week-old kittens were found in early September at an industrial site in Montreal. Unfortunately, he was only able to capture 6 of the kittens. The kind man who rescued them, took them to Chatons Orphelins Montréal to help them find good homes. 

    But what was the big surprise that they discovered when he brought them in?

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    Some of them have giant "bear" paws!

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    "...one of them was immediately adopted by a family. The guy knew that the other five needed help, so he brought them to us," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared withLove Meow.

    "There are 2 females and 3 males: Chaplin (black, male), Vinny (tiger, male), Muslie (grey, female), Alpha (grey, male) and Zia (grey, female)."

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    Alpha has a pair of thumbs and extra digits on his paws.

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    Two of the kittens were born with giant mittens - extra toes and thumbs on their paws. Muslie the girl and Alpha the boy are both polydactyls. Pretty cool and not to mention adorable! 

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    The first steps

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    "The five little kittens went to their foster home with Isabelle to continue their weaning and socialization. The little ones were very active, friendly and playful." 

    Cats thrive better when they are in an environment in which they can socialize and play with others. An isolated cat won't have the social skills later on if they aren't learnt at an early age.

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    See how they improve!

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    In less than a week, they went from shy little kittens to affectionate and adorable little babes!

    This here is Alpha. See him showing off his paws?

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    Muslie is the little supervisor.

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    Muslie is the other cuttie who has larger paws. She is very laid back, but has a great sense when it comes to hunting. (No toy will slip through her)

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    The two adorable little polydactyl kitties at their foster home. Look at those smiles!

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    Alpha has the largest paws with seven toes on one of his front paws.

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    Showing them off!

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    Only a month later... all five kittens have found their forever loving homes!

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    Via LoveMeow

    This just warms our hearts!

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