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Stray Pit Bull Adopted Newborn Kitten and Nursed Her Until They Were Rescued

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    The pair have formed an powerful bond and Pittie has most definitely adopted kitty as her own

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    The unlikely pair are as inseparable as any mother and her baby. When Kitty has to go home with a human at night because she's so small, Pitty anxiously waits to snuggle back up to her adopted baby again in the morning.
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    Pittie assists with feeding time for Kitty

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    Pittie kept the kitten alive and healthy, but her milk was drying up as help arrived for the pair. Pittie is present and attentive to Kitty for every feeding,
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    Mother and adopted baby stay in the sam kennel together during the days

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    Dr. Richard Hamlin, a veterinarian at Mercy Clinic says that "Over my 28-year career, I've never seen anything like this. My gosh, to find this in the wild, that a pit bull and kitten found each other on their own and they connected like they did, it's really something."
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    Pittie and Kitty will soon be looking for a forever home together

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    The two animals will be up for adoption as soon as they are both healthy enough to leave the clinic. The pair will not be available separately, however, and are looking for a forever home that will take them both.

    "We have stipulated for adoption, that whoever wants to adopt, adopts them as a pair," says Dr. Hamlin. "They've been through so much, we can't separate them."

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