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Puppy Pilates Is the Workout Motivation You've Always Needed

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    For just $10 a session, animal lovers can now take the class of their dreams at Cisco Pilates, which partnered with the Asheville Humane Society to offer two puppy-filled Pilates classes.

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    The best part? Proceeds from the class benefited the Asheville Humane Society, and the puppies' adoptions fees were even waived on class day so that participants could take home a new furry friend right after class!

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    Both Cisco Pilates and the Humane Society put out a comical ad for the class that read, "Pilates with Puppies will be a basic Pilates class, with puppies provided by Asheville Humane Society. Please bring your own yoga or Pilates mat and a small towel. Please do not bring your own puppy! The cost is $10, which is a donation to Asheville Humane Society on behalf of Buncombe County animals."

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    In addition to puppies, Asheville's Humane Society also has cats, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, mice, and guinea pigs for adoption.

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    Unlike most shelters, Ashville's adoption center houses their soon-to-be-pets in state-of-the-art "condos" filled with comfy blankets, beds, and toys.

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    These cute pups look tired out! Must have been all that core work...

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    Unsurprisingly, Cisco's two fundraising puppy Pilates classes were immediately sold out. But who knows? Maybe this new Pilates trend will take off and spread throughout the country.

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    We have only one question: Where can we sign up?


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