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Video of a Toddler Upset That His Dog Won't Let Him "Eat Her Toe Beans" Is Going Viral on TikTok


TikTok user Reagan Richard aka @reaganbr loves to post cute videos of her son. The toddler is undeniably adorable, but the most recent video is the one that's breaking the internet. 


The video shows her walking in on her toddler and their large black dog cuddling and the boy says, in a very upset tone, “she… not letting me… eat her toe beans!” The entire video is only five seconds long, but somehow, viewers can't get enough of it—it already has 1.6 million views, over 130k likes, and over 600 comments. 


Everybody loves some good pupper toe beans, but we all know they're not the eating kind. Commenters are flooding in to say not only that the video is so freakin' cute they had to watch it over and over again, but also that this is a good lesson in boundaries for the boy. Many share the frustration of the toddler of not being able to eat their dog's toe beans, but it's a harsh lesson and we all need to respect people's AND dog's personal space.


The toe beans in question:


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