People Are Roasting Trump Hotels To Oblivion On Yelp With Hilarious Reviews

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    Text - Luxury P. 1/14/2018 Hermosa Beach, CA The sheets smell like pee, befitting a shithole hotel 0 friends 22 reviews I'm thinking next time l'll stay at a more presidential hotel This place is filled with megalomaniacs and douches. Also, their covfefe sucks.
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    Text - CC. 1/14/2018 Cincinnati, OH I thought it would be only the best because it's tRump... But it BIGLY 0 friends 5 reviews O 4 photos turned out to be a dump... A really really disappointing time. a top ten shithole! A real shithole believe me.....
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    Text - SA 因国国西面 1/14/2018 Pleasanton, CA 24 friends Wow, this hotel is a complete sh--thole. The management seems to despise anyone who isn't white. They were particularly nice to the Norwegians and Russians. But any time a person of color entered the building, the staff told them to "go back to your sh--hole country"! 27 reviews O 2 photos Diversity is what makes America great. This business is certainly on the wrong side of history.
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    Text - Christina F 1/14/2018 Salem, OR O friends 3 reviews 2 photos T really wanted to give this place a chance. Sure, our president is garbagey. But should it really affect his corporate reputation for excellent hospitality and service? Yes. This place is bad Possibly even....a shithole? Yes, this is that sort of review. Hehehe, "biased* but also wildly accurate. Even if you love Trump, you should think twice about staying here. Why? Cause it's just lame. Because don't you care about being cool
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    Text - Aivar V 因西西西南 1/14/201 8 Manhattan, NY 10 friends Place is a shithole. Says right on it. Don't try their covfefe. It's total crap. Probably cooked up by the witches they are hunting. Their cocktails on offer "Mango Mussolini", "Papaya Pinochet" and "Marmalade Mugabe", all looked disgusting. Stay away MAGA 1 review O 2 photos
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    Text - Tiffany F. 1/14/2018 Modesto, CA O friends 4 reviews O 4 photos I should have known better. As soon as I was dropped off in front of this fake gold plated nightmare...something was off. As I entered into the lobby, there was a putrid stench that quickly fills your lungs. When I went up to the reception desk to inquire about this assault on my nostrils, the very pleasant employee looked me dead in the face and simply responded "Shit. Every inch of this hotel smells like shit. I was shocked


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