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8 Cats Who Are Having Worst Day Than You (Gifs)

  • 1

    This cat trying to escape the perils of a child:

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  • 2

    This cat who was clearly over-served:

  • 3

    This cat who was a little too confident in his abilities:

    Property - SENORGEF COM FunnyShare.org
  • 4

    This cat who did not think his plan all the way through

    Ceiling fan - out
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  • 5

    This cat who was betrayed by her best friend:

    Carton - ForGIFs.com
  • 6

    This cat who was forced to confront his weight issues:

    Wood - GIFAK.NET
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  • 7

    This cat who ran out of room:

    Black cat
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  • 8

    This cat who didn't watch his step:

    Cat - 4GIFS.com


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