I Can Has Cheezburger?

Family Rescues Baby Calf And Now She Thinks She's a Dog

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    The family actually already have several cows on their property, but said raising a newborn calf “was a whole new experience”.

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    We totally believe them! The baby calf was more comfortable with the Carton's family dgs rather than the cows. The Cantons said "I don't think they realize that she is a cow and not just a really big dog. Truthfully, I don't think Harveigh sees herself any different from the dogs".

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    Just one of the dogs

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    Harveigh is approximately six months old now and getting awfully big...

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    So as a way to let Harveigh adapt better to the outside and to other cows, they decided to built built her a 'cow condo'! 

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    And although she spends a lot of time outside...

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    She usually tries to sneak back into the main house to be with her fellow dog brothers and sisters!

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    And it's pretty much just adorable!

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    For more info on Harveigh, you can check her out on Facebook!

    h/t: The Chive


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