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Someone Figured Out How Far Frodo and Sam Walked

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    From Hobbiton to Bree

    Map - Icebay of Forche The Lost Realm Carn D Here w the Wit of An R. nuial evendim) North Downs lond Fornost Grey Havens) Tower Hilly Weathe Hills EDADN Sprandywinei Bridge Dewns A Eas-wet South Down Sarn Fond andywine Baranduie Tharbad, IRIATH CARDO flood) Midgewate THE SHIRE Hobbiton n(Lunes untains) (Blue M

    The genius who figured this out is English and so mostly used those touchstones to give a sense of the distance.

    From Hobbiton to Bree, where the traveling hobbits first meet Strider AKA Aragorn, it's 120 miles or 40 hours of walking.

    Mattsawizard said it was about the same as traveling from Nottingham to London.

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    From Bree to Rivendell

    Map - Angmar Angmar Mth of Carn Dam, Here was of old the Witch-realm st Realm HITHAEp Mount Gun of Angmar North Downs Ettenmoors Fornost Weather Hills oH0arwall) asha weathertep RH UDAUR wine S ndws Trol EAtiewes Bree ivende CARDOLAN Nin-in Eilph Bruinen (LOuGwater) South Dow Mithei Ersgien 0Hollin) Morla CAte Glandu (Swanfleet) Tharbad redel Greyflood) LO R (Amon s0i) Midgewater Chetwood

    Mattsawizard calculates it would take 300 miles or 90 hours of walking for the small party to make it to Rivendale. There the Council of Elrond happens and the Fellowship of the Ring is formed.

    This is about the distance from Land's End to London

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    From Rivendell to Moria

    Map - Here was ofold. e Witch-realm of Angmar F mar Mount Gundabe ITHAEFG alm Langwel Ettenmoors Weather Hills weathertop (Amon 50) RH UDAUR R. 040arwell) ASC-WEst Rivendel Bridge Downs Bruinen DOLAN (Loudwater) Str N о Giadden Mitheit Ntn-in Eilph (Swanfleet) Eregion Moria Gate d Drimril Glandun mrodel LORIEN AIT H Lim land

    The Fellowship would have to travel about 175 miles or 60 hours of walking to make it down into the depths of Moria. Hidden in those abandoned Dwarven halls, the balrog separates Gandalf from the group.

    It's about the distance from Manchester to London.

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    From Lorien to Amon Hen

    Map - B1 LOMD Str Ninglor os Nindlang Xsledden Firids) Gaden R Eregion CHollin Moria Gate. Drimrill Dale Glandu LORIEN eat River) Celesof Limligh ngard The Wold SOus FANGORN ROHAN of isen West WESTFOLD Emnet East Emnet Helms eep Sarn Gebin ASTFOLO MRAIS ering rredm Erech Anori d onadlo ( arthond EMYN


    Yeah, they went by boats, but mattsawizard still calculates that as 300 miles.

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    Amon Hen to the Black Gate

    Map - rill Da reat River EN Field of Celebrant The BROWN LANDS Lmligh CNOA The Wold Sous EP AN Ealis of Raures Nindal wetwang) VCAIR ANDROS Dagorlad (Bat Dead* Marsha East Emnet EMYN MU Norannon Sarn Gebir ldin Isenmo STFOLO PRro Anorien am Mines th atea NOROUL giliath Emyn INAS Sa m don Arnen Ond oOD I ON Morgai duin onadló twash)

    It's about the same distance from Cardiff to London, or 160 miles/50 hours of walking. 

    Mattsawizard reminds us that they had to trudge through some really swampy territory here.

    Frodo and Sam lets the captured Gollum lead them through the Dead Marshes.

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    From the Black Gate to Minas Morgul

    Map - NOA UNDEEP The BROWN LANDS SOUTH UNDEEP he ast net EMYN MUIL Dagorlad (Battle Marshe Aorannon rn Gebir of Rauros ldur Nindelf (wetwang) CAIR ANDROS Mines Anorien Tirith 1senmout PIEdru NAS MORDUL sgiliath Emyn Arnen ering Stream Gilrain Lossarnach Mop

    After talking Frodo and Sam out of entering the Black Gate, Gollum leads them to a secret entrance into Mordor through the lair of the even more secret spider Shelob.

    Mattsawizard thinks this would be like going from Leicester to London, 110 miles or 35 hours walking.

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    From Cirith Ungol to Mount Doom

    Map - alls of Rauros Nindalf CWetwang Dagorlad (Battle P Dead Norannon Marshes Ndun Isenmouthe CAIR ANDROS ruin PEteau of MINAS MORGUL osgiliath Mines 1en Tirith Emyn Arnen अतक Lossarnac Morgai DUATH Moppy: EPHEL ntains of

    This voyage, a lot of it with Frodo and Sam wearing orc armor, would take them roughly from Swindon to London, 70 miles or 25 hours of walking. 

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    All Told the trip spanned the continent of Europe

    Map - FORODEATH s-ttwAisis moole CACh MO ng NE 1ON

    Mattsawizard calculates it was the same distance going from London to Niš in Serbia.

    That's a distance of 1350 miles or 440 hours walking.

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    From an American perspective, that's the same as walking from L.A. to Austin, Texas.

    Map - FORODA ARS nook CAh endng

    That's just a whole lot of walking. But I guess it's totally worth it to keep the world from Sauron's iron grip.


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